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I spent a lot of money on an Asus ultrabook at Best Buy. The operating system had a flaw and the computer started devolving from day one.

After the computer was only 3 months old, I took it to them and they said they couldn't help me, that I would have to contact the manufacturer, regardless of the fact that I paid hundreds of dollars for their protection and support plan. They informed me that the plan was only to cover hardware. Since that is already covered by manufacturer, I clearly paid for a DUPLICATE protection. When I called the manufacturer, they told me I had to send it in to get the operating system restored and it would take 2 weeks or more.

How in the F#@*!! am I supposed to just go without my computer for 2 weeks? I bought this because I need it everyday. They sold me a bad product and then make me go without it for an indefinite amount of time while I'm in the middle of working.

Do they offer a temp computer in the meantime so I am not without my new expensive tool? NO. So, buy something from Best Buy, pay extra for assistance and get NO assistance from them. There are more things Best Buy WON'T help with then there are they will help with.

Now I'm stuck having to use a computer that is barely working and I will have to just BUY and re-install windows 8 myself. I will never buy a computer from Best Buy again.

I feel ripped off in every way.

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"Started devolving since day one" yet it took you three months to bring it back. Clearly must be Best Buys fault, not ASUS.

Wow!! BB doesn't make the product, they sell it and to ensure you are protected they sell Tech Support.


PC mfgs perform system burns - that is, they burn the same image to the computers, then issue a individual license to each. It's very difficult to accept that the computer came to you with the OS incorrectly installed. More than likely, unbeknownst to you... something happened to the pc when you started using it.

No need to purchase an OS. The Asus ultrabook most likely has a recovery partition on it. Also, there is probably a utility to burn a recovery DVD. You did that first thing, right?

You would be surprised how many people purchase a computer, then proceed to modify, install, and browse the web, with no regard for protecting their purchase.

After purchasing ANY computer...

1. Immediately burn a recovery disc(s).

2. Install firewall & virus protection. If you do not have a security product with your internet provider, ZoneAlarm & Avast are good.

3. Windows update. This may involve several reboots and updates.

4. Perform a full system backup to an external device... DVD or usb hard drive. This is your fall-back point if your system starts to do exactly what your describing.


If you can prove that the OS itself was flawed from the start, you should be able to have it replaced without charge. In the US, customers are supposed to be protected under the general policy where, when you something new, you can expect it to actually be new and free from defects.


sorry, but you should of done your research before purchase. No manufacturer covers software issues and you did not purchase the geeksquad tech support which is what would cover software issues. It's available along with geeksquad protection as a bundle.


*should've, NOT "should of." I HATE seeing people make that mistake. LOL

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