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Best Buy offers great specials and sale prices sometimes offered in "Bundles" then refuses to give a raincheck because one of the items is not available. This has happened to me twice.

Most recently (July 2011) Samsung 46" HDTV on sale with free Blue Ray player and 2 free 3-D glasses. Got to the store and the tv was not in stock. Asked for a raincheck but was told they couldn't raincheck the tv because it was a bundle. The had the blue ray player and glasses in stock but not the advertised tv.

This happened to me once before when trying to purchase a camera. If the free items are things that Best Buy regularly carries, they should be able to offer a raincheck to show they are not just baiting you to the store.

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Thats so ***. You could easily order the tv and have it delivered to your home or shipped to the store.

You still would have gotten the bundle. Any other normal person would have used this option.

if you were willing to wait with a raincheck for one to come in, why wouldnt you wait for a delivery? Makes noe sense.

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