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On July 21, 2014 I went to the Best Buy in Pearland to see if my APC Battery Back-up was still under warranty. The factory warranty expired 30 days before.

The person sold me a new one, but told me to try and see if APC would stand behind their product. Good Idea and APC did stand behind their product and sent me a new battery. I replaced it and then returned the new battery back up that I had purchased since I no longer needed it. I had my receipt, my driver's license and they said that they could only give me store credit.

Best buy now has the un-opened product AND my money. Staff at the desk and the store manager were nice but they said it is beyond their control and that it is corporate policy. Well I have spent several thousands at this Best Buy in Pearland and due to corporate policy beyond their control, I may not spend any more. The corporate accountants and lawyers may think it is good to make a policy where you have both the returned product and my money interest free, but I don't have to like it or give you any more of my hard earned money.

What a short sided policy... I would understand if I returned a product without a receipt and getting an in-store credit, that would be fair. But you have my receipt which is tied to my name as a Platinum Rewards Customer and my driver's license with the same name and address. In a court of law, there would not be a shadow of a doubt that I paid for this merchandise and how I paid for it.

Yet your corporate policy makes the local staff look bad because you keep my money and the merchandise. Corporate decision makers can choose to rip off their loyal customers, who keep receipts, have ID and are Platinum members, but we don't have to like it or put up with it. Enjoy the free use of my $60 because it will not be free to you in the long run. It will cost you future business from me and others that know that there are other places to spend our money that are fair to their customers.

I used to trust Best Buy and it was my one stop shop for electronics and I always bought the extended warranties. I no longer trust Best Buy with my money because they do not return it and I think that they have lost the concept of service after the sale. Once I have your merchandise for 16 days, then my money is yours to keep until I decide to buy something else from you. Lesson learned.

I will find something for $60 and use the store credit, but I will be shopping on-line in the future or going to your competitors that give more than 15 days to return merchandise with receipt.

I will also post this on-line to make others aware of your unfair business practice.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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So in summary:

I am special. Rules do not apply to me.

I am Best Buy royalty. How dare they enforce their clearly stated policies?


How is it unfair? The policy is on your receipt and on a big sign at the check out registers.

How is that not fair? They clearly informed you of the policy.


ace u r incompetent just like the CEO of worst buy....its the ideal of one wanting their money back not some store credit...its the principle.


If you shop so often at best buy like you say you do then I don't see why store credit would be such a big problem. Lol.

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