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I had to wait and watch sales reps look at me as they walked by without helping me (this is not the first time). I wanted to spend $1000 on a camera setup. I had to complain and get a manager to get helped. Sorry customer service!!!

I needed to return something valued at $900. I paid in cash but they will not give you back cash unless its under $600. The manager told me that they are not a bank! But if 3 customers returned items valued under $600 each they would get cash back. So they do have the cash. Now I had to drive home which is out of town and have to drive back into town to cash a check when it arrives in a week or 10 days. So they are costing me my time and wasting my gas. Will they cover this expense? What about interest on my money that they would not give me back until i get a check and cash it?

So they have selective business policies depending on how much you spend. Kind of like discrimination isn't it?

I have spent A LOT of money at best buy on numerous stereos, tv's, kitchen appliances and computers.


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Melbourne, Florida, United States #928320

This is a common retail practice to not issue cash refunds over a certain amount and to have a check issued. This is CLEARLY stated in Best Buy's return policy:

"If you paid more than $800 in cash or more than $250 by check or by a debit card without a major credit card logo, we will refund you by check within 10 business days"

So no, Best Buy is not going to reimburse you for gas or the interest (really 10 days worth of interest?) and this is not a selective policy because it's applied to everyone. And good luck finding another retailer who doesn't have a similar policy.

Evansville, Wisconsin, United States #925679

the company is pocketing the double money I get charged double the amount I took out they double it every time they are crooks

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