Went to Best Buy on 1960 in Houston, Tx around 11:45 on May 7.

No help on the floor other than in the customer service area. Customers stacked up.

All I wanted was a Garmin and I knew exactly which one. Two managers at front door chatting.

I told them what I wanted; one said she could get me 'some help' I said no you can't they are all busy. You don't have enough help and why have you gone to a customer pit service area where I have to stand in line when folks are returning goods, etc?? So I took my business down the street to Office Max.

Best Buy lost a sale. I am marking them off my list.

I enjoy customer service and Best Buy has lost it.

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So...a company sucks because they are busy? Makes perfect sense.

San Diego, California, United States #663789

i bet the customers that all employees were apparently with as the post says disagree about best buy employees sucking.

the issue in this post isn't that bestbuy employees were bad. but that bestbuy has to many happy customers coming in to deal with all of them at once/

Conroe, Texas, United States #648693

maybe you should have patience and wait your turn for help

to MUSKA #655912

I have had the same issue at my local Best Buy. It isn't about having patience it is about the employees absolutely s.u.c.k.i.n.g.

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