I bought my computer seven months ago, and it’s broke. The power cord will not function to power the computer or charge the battery. The power cord was tested OK. The greeter at the customer service counter was busy talking with a co-worker and seemed not concerned regarding my issue. Then he stated I would have to purchase a new cord see computer person. Computer person tested a few items and stated it was an accident item (no accident occurred, mint condition), "you can purchase a new computer, or try your luck with Toshiba, (they won't fix this), and it is a common problem." Why has this tech issue not been addressed if many other customers experience the same fate? When asked why this was not explained at purchase "only seven months ago", he had no comment. He was not willing to do anything, check with manager, and have a tech look at it, NOTHING. The tech was avoidant, rude and flippant to any request or help. I have gone through the same treatment at “worst buy” before, when I purchased a cam-corder, fool me twice shame on you!! You could do something, your company chooses not to. This is not acceptable. I will inform as many people as possible, and they will inform others and so on; 10 people become thousands. I am a hard working middle class family and this is an example of why the economy is shot, from the top. Shame on you, and I will not return. Where did Circuit City Go??

Best Buy 911 Topsy Ln Carson City, NV 89705

(775) 267-3523

Bill C

Monetary Loss: $600.

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That's why you should always buy the protection plans that allow you to get the product fixed or get a NEW one if there are any problems with it. Don't refuse these on items that cost more than $50.

I look at it this way: would I rather spend an extra $60 above the cost of the laptop NOW and have complete peace of mind that in the event of a malfunction, it's covered, OR would I want to have something go wrong with it and have to shell out another $300+ for a brand new laptop? The problem can be avoided if you buy the coverage. I don't care what anyone says: it's NOT a scam.

It's there to protect you. If you choose not to get it, the store is not obligated to help you, as you have CHOSEN not to take the help that they initially offered to give you in the first place.


How can you expect any exceptions after the return period if they barely even honor their return period. Best Buy is a joke.

Don't ever purchase any of their extended warranties and expect any kind of service for which you paid for. What a bunch of scam artists!!!

to Johnny Cullos #652486

Johnny, Let me guess...you bought a product, broke it within 2 weeks and expect BB to refund you. The only time we don't honor the return is if the product isn't in the same condition it was in when it left the store (which means remotes, cables, lenses...ETC.) I'll give you an example.

You cant buy an IPAD, drop it a day later and then expect us to return it. However, if you buy the protection plan, you'd get a replacement..very much worth it to buy the warranty, don't you think?

P.S. We make exceptions all the time, there's probably a good reason you weren't one of them.

to CSA=abuse me #652652

You can't be talking about Best Buy? The net is littered with complaints about the Performance Service Plans not being honored.

BTW, do you think he left as a satisfied customer? Eventually everybody will be a "non-Best Buy" shopper.

Paducah, Kentucky, United States #652258

So ideally, the reading of a post by one individual (that most of us on the internet wouldn't know from Adam if we saw him or her on the street) is going to stop thousands of people who already shop at best buy and have not had issues with their products or do think ahead to "worst case scenario" and purchase that black tie protection with accidental damage from handling- from shopping at best buy? Good luck with that! :cry :cry :cry


And how is this Best Buy's problem? Toshiba is the one you should be mad at.

They made the inferior product and is the one that is not standing behind their product. Have you voiced your complaint to them?? Best Buy's hands are tied, they have to follow the manufacturers guidelines or they don't get credit for the product, defective or not. So if Best Buy exchanged your laptop for you, Best Buy would not get the money back from Toshiba.

Toshiba would tell Best Buy that that is not a manufacturers defect and not give them the proper money back/credit which if they did this for every product that the manufacturer did not stand behind Best Buy would definitely go out of business. So don't complain about something that is out of Best Buys hands, go to Toshiba and take it up with them. Tell Toshiba to stand behind their products. And Anonymous is right .

. .

had you not skipped out on the Accidental Coverage that Best Buy offers, there wouldn't be an issue--it would all be covered. Not all protection plans are scams, sometimes they just have to pick up what the manufacturer won't.


Why don't people understand that technology is trash these days? Manufacturers know it.

That's why their warranties are so limited. Best Buy does too, and that's why they offer their plans.

Bet you said no when they offered that, didn't you? You could've gotten this "known" defective unit replaced and went on with your life by now.


"fool me twice shame on you!!"

Acutally, the saying is "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". That means shame on you for not learning your lesson the first time.

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