Best buy has the worse customer service. I bought a refrigerator online, in the comment section I added it would be heading to the 2nd floor, added the number of stairs.

Took the day off, delivery guy walks in and said he cannot deliver it because they need a 4 man team. He ask me why did I not tell them it was on the second floor. I told him to check the comments. After this botched attempt at delivery, I spoke to several BB representatives throughout the week to set up my delivery with a 4 man team.

The day prior I spoke to representative who said that he saw a request for a 4 man team and all was set. Today I am waiting for the refrigerator and this BB representative calls to let me know that the fridge cannot be delivered today because they were not aware they needed a 4 man team...like WTH. Everyone I spoke to was nonchalant and not any help at to me. This is my second day I took off, and I have a fridge that is leaking on my floor.

I am so upset. Apparently the so called number that is listed as corporate is just a call center, equally useless. I actually found the fridge cheaper at home depot but bought it from BB because of the earlier delivery date. At this point home depot would have delivered it.

I usually purchase stuff from BB but this will be my last purchase. I will head to home depot and if I can get better delivery date, I will cancel the order. My goodness, such an ordeal to get a fridge delivered. I am so angry, I am losing money and my floor is rotting.

How incompetent! Like do these people not communicate with each other? Do they read? Like get rid of that comment section if it is not being read.

Stop lying to customers, if you do not have things scheduled right, be honest. If you screw up take ownership.

No a $150 gift card will not help me, it cannot compensate me for the 2 unpaid days off, well 3. Neither can it cover the cost of the rot of my floor.


User's recommendation: Absolutely NOT.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Best Buy Cons: Nonchalant attitude towards customers, Lack of communication amongst team members, Unable to get a hold of someone who can help, Lie to customers about delivery, Do not accept any accountability for their screw up.

Location: Winter Springs, Florida

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