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NEVER BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY "Best buy does not have customer service. There is a name you can click on their web page, but it only goes to more links you can click, none of which have any value at all.

They have a customer service phone number. 1-888-BESTBUY --- If you are patient enough to decipher that idiotic ***, it translates into something you can dial 1-888-237-8289 --- That leads to a survey or something recorded followed by a hangup from them. Absolutely no customer service. When you buy something in the store, they will promise a delivery date and give you a printed page ensuring it, but DO NOT believe it.

It may or may not happen. Their system does not show what is actually in stock with the vendors. If there is any problem, you WILL NOT be notified of the change.

You will sit there for days, or weeks and NEVER know what has happened. If you were fortunate enough to be served by Pacific Kitchen and Home, or another contractor they have hired, you can contact those reps and get an answer...but they TOO must rely on Best Buy's internal no matter how hard they try...they are as much victims of Best Buy's eternal incompetence as you will be if you buy there."

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Best Buy Pros: Service provided by pacific kitchen and home, Products they offer are the same as any where else, Prices are good.

Best Buy Cons: Best buy itself has no customer service, Promise delivery but not deliver, Do not inform you that your order is delayed, Customer service does not exist as near as i can tell.

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"If you are patient enough to decipher that idiotic ***," or anyone who has called a company in the last 20 years since most of them have switched to using their store/company name as their phone number. It's really easy to decipher using those handy letters below each number on the keypad.

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