Willingboro, New Jersey

My 14 year old son bought a used Sky RiM vidio game for his play station 3 from Best Buy with his own money. When he tried to play it, the game froze.

The next day my wife drove him back out to Best Buy. My son wanted to purchase a new Sky Rim video game so he would not have to deal with another frozen game but Best Buy was sold out and did not expect more until the following week. They told my wife, either exchange this with another used game today or you are out of luck. No cash refund, nothing.

My wife argued with them that they sold a defective product but to no avail. Finally, she was able to speak with someone who gave her store credit. Store credit for a defective product. I will never, ever purchase anything from Best Buy again.

I am framing the store credit and putting it on my wall as the biggest *** a store can give a customer after selling a defective product to a child and then saying take it or leave it. I think I will leave it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Deal.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Bottom line, the store manager did refund the money via store credit, and that's something he didn't need to do.

Also, they agreed to exchange it with another game. You could have also arranged to wait to exchange it when the other game comes in.

This time, I have to side with BB.

It's difficult when our children purchase items with their own money, and we feel they've been taken advantage of. It's happened to my son when he was much younger, and I felt terrible about it. Not with BB, with another place. Nothing we could do. He was out the money. I used it as a learning experience with him, and I made up the money he lost. Now he knows!

Framing this only retains and reinforces the anger every time you see it.


IHateStupidCustomers must work for BB. He even gives advise like he works there.


you sound like a ***, get over yourself.

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