needed to replace protective screen that broke, I received the replacement in the mail and spoke with someone from the GEEK squad that said to just bring it down and they would replace it. When I got there I found that there was only one customer in line but some guy...
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Geek Squad Manager
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Samsung plasma tv | Best Buy review from Syracuse, New York

Where do I start. I had samsung 51 inch plasma. Tv panel failed 3 times within a year. Samsung tried to give me hard time and come up with different excuses when their own technicians confirmed bad panels and need for replacement. Every replacement took over more than a month. After third time it failed I got rid of this tv and made another mistake by going with samsung smart plasma tv this one lasted longer and still failed. I contact samsung they took information I sent picture of the crack on the panel and they tried to blame me that is physical damage. Again their own technicians confirmed failed panel and instead of acknowledge the issue on their end they tried to blame customer and get away with this repair. People don't take my word for it just google theirs millions customers like me with same problem. In order to make slim tv samsung took internal fans out and tv overheats and panel blows cracks. I trust samsung till this day but they failed big. No more samsung product for me EVER. Bought tv from best buy no help from them ether.
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Did u file a claim thru best buy? I'm having the same problem and corporate is saying they have never had this complaint before.

I've been fighting them for over a month and have an extended warranty. Do u have a claim # I could show them to prove they are lying?


these tv's have issues WORST BUY know it and continues to sell them. and samsung continues to not stand behind it merchandise.

really what is a consumer to do. I have even read that you should buy certain LOT numbers of these TV PRODUCED in certain factories on certain days really much work for the consumer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Remember, all these products are made injapan or china, and that's the way they get revenge withthe american people. By selling junk items.

They don't have the slightest intention on givin' back your money or new item. Best Buy and other stores alike, just follow their instrucctions and that is to *** the american people. I quit buying at these stores and went back to the local independent merchants that needs your support.

The *** with chinesse products. Support America.


I agree but we as a customers shouldn't be treated like this. Seems like they care about their business not customers, they just lost one and maybe will lose thousands others if they continue that way.


@mikemel: Samsung is a South Korean Company, not Japanese. Nothing in his TV was manufactured in Japan as it would be far too expensive (you do understand Japan in a first world country like the US, right?). Also, how would you suggest the OP procure a TV produced in America? Currently, there are no TV brands that are entirely produced and assembled in America. There is one brand assembled here (Element), but that's assembly only. The parts could be from anywhere. I actually own a flat screen Element TV (it was a gift), and it's one of the worst I've ever used.

To OP: I don't see why this is filed under Best Buy when the entirety of your complaint has to do with a faulty product from Samsung and their failure to properly support it.


Bought from best buy and they don't want to take part in it as well.


I understand that, but after the return period, the customer is required to go to the manufacturer for assistance with product malfunctions. I don't see how it is Best Buy's fault if you're outside of the return period and have a problem.

Now if the OP had tried to return the TV to Best Buy first and was given trouble by Best Buy, then I might understand.

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No return/ store credit/ exchange | Best Buy review from Syracuse, New York

Bought a $50 video game at Best Buy for a gift for someone. I thought they had a Xbox 360 but turned out they had the PS3. I explained my situation to them that I wanted to just change the game or anything at all.. but because it was past their lousy 15 day policy they could do Nothing for me. I am a manager at one of the jobs and a cashier at another and this is outrageous to me. I am now stuck with a $50 dollar game that I can't use. Still in the original package with the receipt! For now on I will avoid Best Buy at all cost.
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And that receipt says 15 day return policy. Take it to Gamestop and see what they will give you for it.

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Best Buy Cashier

Ordered a computer and it was NEVER delivered-blamed me | Best Buy review from Syracuse, New York

Unless you're a stay at home hermit or have tons of homeschooled children over 18, don't expect to ever receive this computer. Requires an in person signature with UPS--no exception. Cannot pick it up at the carrier, and cannot sign the slip and leave it on the door. Spent a day home from work to accept the delivery, and UPS left a slip on my mailbox without ever coming to my door. Best buy blamed UPS, and vice versa. Spoke to Best Buy customer service, saying "It's just a waste then because it'll get sent back," and the woman said "it's not a waste...we get our product back." Never been more frustrated. Good luck receiving your computer.
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You had the option at the time of purchase to have it delivered or pick it up in the store. Secondly, if you read the terms and conditions, you would have seen the requirements as clear as day.

Don't blame bby for your incompetence.


So if UPS is the one who screwed up and just left a slip instead of knocking why not put this complaint under UPS? Best Buy did nothing wrong with requiring a signature.

You would rather they just leave a $729 dollar computer at your door? Then if it gets stolen you'd be on here blaming Best Buy for that.

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Best Buy Rip Off

I purchased a $950. computer from them in Nov. 07. I took it in for service on Sept. 12. They said it had a bad memory chip. They wanted to charge me $130. to remove virus's they said they found on my computer. I asked them to write them down... two were ad and spyware and one was a very mild virus called Second Thought. I told them to just fix the chip... I can get rid of the virus myself a lot cheaper. The date on my service contract says estimated date of return Sept. 20. I called today, 9/20, and it hasn't even gone to service yet. They said it would take another 2-3 weeks! They charged me $99. to copy my hard drive just in case data was lost when they repair the chip. What the heck is taking 4 wks??????? Or are they purposely doing that because I refused to pay the money to get rid of a mild virus? We have bought all our major things at Best BUy, well not anymore. I feel they are ripping me off and I will not do business with them anymore. I think they are ripping off people who don't know a lot about computers too. I'm sure they thought since I'm a 60 yr old woman that I'd pay to have the big bad virus removed... what they don't know is that I have two sons who are in the computer business in other states and they advise me about what's going on. They agree I was getting ripped off by Best Buy. How long does it take to insert a memory chip?
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:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Ya'll fell for the scam!!!!!!!!!111


Best Buy and Geek Squad are the most repulsive of organizations when it comes to repair and customer service. I have been battling these people for years on their so-called repair service.

Aside from being treated rudely and ripped off at every instance, I have never brought in a computer that has actually been repaired. Two years ago I was without a computer for three months,

sending my unit back to the repair center for multiple repairs becasue every time it came back it was inoperable, and until I made numerous calls to customer service and the insurance company that underwrites their policy covering computer junkouts, I was given the worse runaround until I finally had to call the store, demand to speak to the manager and threaten with going to the press for the treatment I was receiving. Oh how coincidental that they decided to replace my computer that same afternoon!!! Three weeks ago I took my computer in for a seemingly minor problem (AC plug was not feeding power to computer) and I was told that it was a minor soddering issue.

The computer came back with the fans non-funtional, operating system was not loading and the casing was cracked as if someone had dropped it. I was given a replacement unit but was going to be charged $160 for loading the security software. I complained becasue they had basically destroyed my computer so they waved the fee but made me pay for the actual software (which out of courtesy for the hassle they should have waived also). When quoted the charge for the product insurance plan I was told it would be approximately $175 for two years.

The computer they gave me was on sale for $399 and upon observing the cashier, he was entering that the cost of my computer was $799 in order to charge me more for the warranty plan. I complained and they adjusted it, but if I had not been on my toes and proactive about my rights I would have been ripped off twice. When I called customer relations they basically told me that it is company policy to enter the price of the original junkout computer for insurance purposes, basically ripping me off with the insurance fee and admitting to insurance fraud since they are claiming to the underwritter that they are junking out an $800 computer, when they are replacing the product with a $400 computer. I believe they are crooks and prey on the working class consumer that need access to technology and services but does not have the financial means to for up a lump sum of money to replace a computer if it breaks down.

I am going to cancel the product warranty on the replacement computer, use the pc until it goes and I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again. Upon doing some web research it is alarming the amount of customers that have this same type of complaint.

In general their employees are belligerent and patronizing, aside from being ignorant and rude and overall incompetent. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY!!!!!!


They've had my computer since Sept. 12th, and here it is Oct.

2 and still don't have it back. How long does it take to put in a new memory chip??????? If you call them no one answers the phone in the Geek area...

and the other lines are recordings.

I may be calling the BBB soon.


This will be my second junked out computer from Best Buy in 3 years. This is now my third computer. Long story short they do not transfer warranties from computer to computer even if it comparable. So if you are in the mood and have deep pockets to spend $700 in 13 months to buy two warranties because the service department half *** their work when it is sent to the repair center don’t buy a computer from Best Buy. Not ONLY will not get your money back because of all the trouble you have had and this makes it your third, they try to give you a computer that doesn’t match what you have purchased. Sure they match the GB and so forth but when you purchase a laptop with a 17″ monitor don’t you think it would be nice if they didn’t offer you a 15″?

The warranty is a rip off and the company knows darn good and well that is how they make money off of the customer. The economy is not strong. An average person would not buy a computer every 2 years so you can bet your bottom dollar if it breaks 3 times and you get it junk out they will give you another computer but you have to buy another warranty. It is the only guarantee way they know the will suck more money out of you.

Trust me go and by your computer from the manufacturer. The warranty will be cheaper and if the computer is not fixable they will give you another computer and transfer the warranty over. Also you can extend your warranty with some manufactures. Not Best Buy once you buy it oh well too bad no extend warranty for you!

Also I would like to point out I’m not bashing the company it is a fact. They will tell you that a warranty will transfer if you get the SAME computer. Hello, what are the chances with the way technology is today you could possibly get the same computer at the store unless you got it from the manufacturer?

So again don’t buy a computer especially a laptop since a laptop is known for having the most problems( hey it’s the nature of the beast) at Best Buy.

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