Went into NYC Union Square store today to pick up a laptop ordered by 80 year old family member as holiday gift. Item listed under her C.C name, not mine. Because she missed a field on a page listing me as 'authorized' pick up person, store refused to allow me to pick...
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Hey, it's Christmas. An 80 year old relative makes a little logistical mistake...MEH!

My store would have found a way around it for you!

Sorry for your troubles. If I were you, I'd still push this through Best Buy Customer Care at 1-888-237-8289.

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Best Buy Suck? Tell their top investors!

Best Buys return policy is devised to milk customers out of their money. If you have experienced this - call your state attorney general's office. After a multitude of these complaints - they WILL look into it and probably slap them with a lawsuit. That will be VERY expensive - just in the public relations nightmare alone. Second - start contacting their top shareholders. This hits them where it hurts - the corporate executive management's pocketbook. Once shareholders determine that Best Buy can't manage customer retention, (ie; they have to spend more on marketing to get new customers through the door because they can't manage to develop customer loyalty), investors will start selling their stock. Given the that their executive bonuses are either granted in or based on stock prices - this should sufficiently motivate them to reconsider their fraudulent practices. Top shareholders are easy to find as they are public record with any publicly traded company. Find the investment group / fund manager and write / email / fax. Copy Best Buy's CEO. You should get pretty quick reults with this method. THe more people that do this - the more luck you will have.
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Well, if anyone has checked Best Buy's stock price lately, it's obvious that I was proven right. Shortly after my original post - multiple media reports were released regarding Best Buy's woes -and their stock price fell-significantly.

I guess the critics of my original post will have to eat their words... but it was obvious that most were probably Best Buy managers / corporate employees anyway.


You really think your pathetic little post is going to change anything? The state attorney will not do anything.

Why? Because they don't care. And you won't get there stock hurting by contacting shareholders. As long as BBY continues to make money, they won't go anywhere.

Who cares if they suck.

THEY MAKE MONEY. And that's all the shareholders care about.


Our return policies are so strict because we have lazy DB stealing and devising plans to return damaged or fake items. This cost us millions every year.

So i'm sure the return policies aren't made to milk you out of your money. Next time you see someone getting ready to steal, tell them to stop making things harder for the rest of us who work hard for what we have.


The only thing senior leadership cares about is the bottom line. They don't care about retaining quality employees who perform well to help them maintain the bottom line.

They usually have some uneducated GM running the stores who only care about the next BMW they are going to buy and brag about. Buy from Amazon or a more reputable retailer.


The CEO of Best Buy is always under pressure from the shareholders to increase Best Buy's bottom line. I hate to tell you this, but stricter return policies prevent fraud and increases the bottom line.

Losing a few customers is nothing compared to the money they lose with fraudulent returns.

If you follow their clearly posted policies, you shouldn't have a problem returning something.

My guess is you didn't follow their policies and were denied a return. So now you are acting like an immature, scorned lover who just got dumped.

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