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I have been a Best-buy premium SILVER customer for a very long time. This holiday I bought a Samsung ln46b640 (a bestbuy exclusive model for$999+tax) from I had to pick up from Brooklyn, NY as it was the closest available store to get the TV. I got a confirmation from and I even called the store to confirm the same. After driving 25-30miles to the store, they asked me to wait for them to find the item. Long story short, after waiting for 2hrs and 15mins they finally told me that they couldn't find my tv. I called the next day and after an hour on the phone they told me that there was a computer glitch and I cannot have the tv I ordered, as its out of stock. They told me if I buy with the next model (ln46b650)which was priced at $1359that they will give me a discount of $250. This model # has the same spec as ln46b640 1080p&120HZ, but with a red color border and a chin at the bottom part of the tv. In effect I paid $1100 for the same wine in a different bottle. I got the tv delivered on 12/11/09 and I was still satisfied with my purchase as I got the tv even if I paid a little bit extra. At least that's what I thought until I saw the bestbuy's sales flyer. I found that the tv came with a free blueray player+ free blueray movie (Hangover) and the price dropped to $1279. I called to at least get the blueray player. I was surprised when the CS rep told me that her supervisor denied to do so. I called again after a few days and got the same answer that they cannot honor the promotion as the TV has been delivered. I felt that I have been screwed over by bestbuy. I am going to return the TV as I still have 8 more days to do so. I am probably going to sears and getting the deal as they do price match. I am learned it the hard way that will not price match there own promotion even if its with in few days after the item is delivered. I have been a bestbuy customer for a long time and a premium silver member, but from now, bestbuy is not going to be on the list of my "Place to shop"!
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Tom is probably the rep that messed up. Poor Tom.


Kinda same deal I bought a Dell XPS laptop with unconditional DickSquad warranty..I am studying for CCNA so I have an idea about computers..DickSquak IMMEDIATLY started telling me reasons why the COULDNT cover this..The manager got ivolved the decded to run the diagonostics on the computer. The motherboard was bad, The exchaneged ONLY for computer of LESSER value..I paid 850.00 for the Dell walked out with a piece of *** HP that sold for 700.00..They "exchanged technology for technology" no refunds..

Screw BestBuy of Spartanburg SC and DICKSQUAD service. Next time its Dell.Com all the way...


Your just mad because the only job you can get is working for Bestbuy. Get a life, the only thing you have to do is set in your mon and dads basement and play on your computer. I forgot to add it was the Bestbuy of florence Kentucky


@ Tom

I don't know what your agenda is but here is the situation. I paid $100 more and not $10.

And the $200 off wasn't for the that TV.

It was a compensation for the Bestbuy employee screw-up, which made me drive 20 miles to Brooklyn and wait for 2hrs and 15 min at the register for a store pickup and not get the item. I don't know how you value your time, but for me 3hrs is worth more than $200.


Not only did you get a better TV (100k contrast vs 80k, and the additional features; including Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! Widgets, You Tube, Rallycast, Blockbuster On Demand, and eBay) but the price difference is AT MOST $200! So, they sold you that TV at almost $800 off list! (your math - not paid $10 more for a better model!)

So, you get a better deal on a BETTER TV (which nobody else got, I'M SURE), and you're going to post them up over a lousey DVD PLAYER? It's called double-dipping. I wouldn't allow you to do it, either.

Now, if you REALLY want that free DVD player, I'm pretty sure they would be willing to renegotiate the price you paid for your TV back up to the level where you would qualify for it, but it would very likely cost you more than the DVD player is worth! The price you paid for the TV is STILL less than the difference with the cost of the player removed, or don't you see that?

Please burn your "Premium Silver" membership card; you're not qualified to use it.

Oh, Jeff...MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Look into it. It doesn't matter what price you paid or what the model is, DEFECTS IN WORKMANSHIP has you covered. Best Buy would have sent it back to them for free, and you would have been made whole by now.

Think much?


Hi, I had the same kind of thing happen to me. I bought a new HP computer the day after thanksgiving and they were sold out in minutes.

It was screwd up from the start, hard drive was bad and maybe the mother board.

They would not replace it because it had a different model number and they wanted me to pay over $400.00 more for the same computer with different model number or they would give me a smaller computer instead. The computer they offered me you could buy at Walmart anyday for a cheaper price.

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