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Bestbuy played me for a fool, did a no show. | Best Buy review from New York, New York

Bestbuy was suppose to come out,and fix my washing machine today, I call this morning to comfirm the time that the technician is suppose to come.Was told the appointment was cancelled,no one could tell me who cancelled the appointment.I was so pissed,I took off a work today just to be home to wait for these people.The worst things is last week they gave me the run a round at there service center.I had to fax them a copy of my purchase receipt.The reps there are so rude and was not helpful at all.How I have to work and see whats going to happen,I had to call back 1888-bestbuy, now they're saying one of there technician is going to call me to set up another appointmen.What's the sense of getting a warranty if there service *** so bad. Its not right and they need to be really taught a lesson.I paid for this and they need to honor there agreement. Their service is really the pits.
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Do Not buy an Insignia LCD tv from Best Buy!!

We bought a 23" Insignia LCD tv from Best Buy 3 years ago. The picture is now bright yellow and not clear at all. After calling Best Buy they told me I should have bought an extended warrantee and that I was basically SOL. I will never again enter a Best Buy store. It really annoys me that a Giant company like Best Buy will sell their brand, Insignia, and not stand behind it. This was not a cheap TV, but at this rate, our high dollar tv was a disposable model. The reputation of Best Buy will slowly spread thanks to people like us that are tired of being taken advantage of!!
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3 years?


3 Years?


not even the manufacturer will exchange that tv


You want them to replace your TV after 3 YEARS?!?!? are you serious? LOL Next time don't be so cheap and purchase the extended service plan.


Do not buy from bestbuy thier are crooks the worst kind they enjoy stealing your hard earn money


Really you got their store brand? And it *** out on you?

You bought the store brand because it's price was lower than that of a sony or samsung and it *** out on you? After three years, and as you may or may not know, cheap LCD tv's last a max of 4 to 6 years. You should have bought the service plan because you would have been in the 4 year service plan window.

Don't ever buy anything again fellow consumer. You don't want it to break down on you!


Beware, this is real. I am in same situation with TV only 10 months old - it's still under warranty and they refuse to fix it because the serial number is missing (Best Buy even agrees it is still under warranty).

Believe me when I say I did not remove the serial number - no reason to do that while it is under warranty. They claim they could not track it through their system without the serial number. I asked them to put a new one on or otherwise label the TV so it can be fixed. They refused.

Basically they do not honor their warranties and if you take the time to do the research online, you will come across a significant number of unsatisfied customers.

You will also realize that this is common practice with Best Buy and many, many people have been taken advantage of. Based on my personal experience, and the overwhelming complaints piling up, I would caution anyone from buying anything from Best Buy.


We have an Insignia here and it works fine. Guess we just lucked out >=)

Next time, buy a warranty, no0b.


lol. never shop at best buy Wal-Mart is the best


what do you think they sell warranties for? to guarantee that the product will work and look good for the duration, don't be ignorant.

You bought a very poor quality television what do you expect. Now that doesn't mean a high end tv couldn't have that problem, but you pay for what you get.


Yes sir,

It is serious.



It's been 3 years, are you serious?

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Best Buy is the Worst

Went into Best Buy today to buy a Wii Fit. Sales guy went and found one for me in the back. It was the last one int he store. He walked me to the register where we were met by some managerial type *** who decided that my Wii Fit belonged to the lady standing in the checkout area who had allegedly "called to put it on hold" despite the fact that it had no note on it, was not set aside, and was found for me by the other sales guy. I asked what he thought he was doing (his name was Eaen), and he told me that she called. I said I called. He literally took it out of my hands. So surreal. Then he told me to leave because I was upset. I will never shop at Best Buy ever again. There is always another outlet. I already got a Wii Fit somewhere else.
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to you EX or Current LAZY disney cast members commenting on this site, please remember you guys really suck and that we have legitimate complaints. We make more than 7.50 an hour like you guys so we expect top notch service and since you guys are too *** to provide that or give us all the information we are continually disappointed.

for example, if you dont TELL us about the rules or over capacity etc, we just believe what you lazy sorry idiots tell us. so stop commenting on these consumers complaints, you are lazy sorry and should be working digging ditches.

stop smoking your *** and find a real job. thanks


Wii Fit cases like this don't happen only at best buy..... it's happened in any if not most stores.... happened to me at walmart too...

you're buying a product that everyone wants....move on!

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Do not shop at Best Buy on Baltimore Pike with Bill B.

On May 31st my husband and I stopped byr there after work .He just purchased the I-Mac and wanted to add Windows to it.We purchased and left .We made it home late but he was excited so he went to the computer.When I a woke the day he said he purchased the wrong software.He asked me to take it back.On my lunch break I went to Best Buy I spoke with a lady named Tess she said I could not return it so I asked for a store credit of equal balance.She said and I asked to speak with a manger and she nodded her head and said I am a manager to make a very...very..long story short she stormed off(i don't know why) and came back with the customer service supervisor who gave me no eye contact and blurted out "what's the problem".I should have known then that he was of no help but..We have dealings with Best Buy forever.I started explaining what happened and he abruptly interrupted me and said we can't take it back and "If it was important to your husband then he would have came".Ok ,As if we still live in the old days and i am incapable of handleing buss. for my husband.We exchanged words him being very unpleasant and me saying how unproffesional and rude the whole experience was so I asked for the corporate number so that I can complain and as I left Bill B and Mark(another horrible associate) watched as I called from my car .They were standing in the doorway so it held open and a family was at the door looking out at me and they were all laughing.I called 1-800-BB they sd that the D.M.Michelle would receive the complaint but it's not100% that someone would call me.Last week they E-mailed me offering a 50. gift card.I have never ...patronized a establishment where1.The super/managerhad no customer service skills2 I have never..been insulted and humiliated by a company whom I frequent an a basis3.No one gave ma an option on how to receive my money back.I e-mailed Windows whom by the way are giving me my money back they also told me that it is a North -American 45-Day money back guarentee that no one at Best Buy suggested.Please do not support this company because it doesn't support the working class people who are full time gamers and full time cmputer geeks.My husband and I pass by so many other stores to patronize this one and because we receive poor service from the bottom we also received it from the top.The beauty of retail is ..There are other stores that carry the same.
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To end this traumatic situation Microsoft themselves stepped up to the plate and sent me a refund of my money 100%.

I will never shop at Best-Buy again.I work in the furniture bussiness and when I have customers that ask me where to purchase a good television or other electronics for their new homes .I say Circuite City or Sears.The words BB don't come out of my mouth any longer.You know how some companys come around and become very popular with good customer service.This was BB,But, it is time for something better .BB is like the Dell comp. of the world your time is up not many people buy those any more we all own Apple comp. and are loving them .If you continue to hire and stand bye people that have more attitude than proffesionalism than get ready file for bankruptsy and fire some of the high paid white collar people.

BB sucks:(


ALso no one not even the cashier informed us of this no return policy.


yes, but it was bruised on the outside and once opening it,my husband saw that it did not containe Oem program it actually sets you up for that program so we could have bought that specific software and skipped this part.But it did not indicate on the box that it wasn't the correct item.


Was the software opened?

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