Best Buy Sucks Wouldn't Give Cash Back Over $500

After being a loyal customer for years of Best Buy I will never shop there again. We spent over $3,000 in cash in the past few weeks at Best Buy. I just went to return an Ipad for a total of $544.55 with the receipt and they would not give me cash back. They would process a claim and send a check in 7 to 14 business days. They were happy to take my cash!!!! I will never step foot in Best Buy again! You loose Best Buy we spend a great deal of money in there between personal and business.
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Alan C

Paying by cash is the WORST way to pay for a major electronics or other purchase. Every retailer has cash refund limits for the exact loss prevention reasons as posted.

In addition, if there is ever a problem with a legitimate return or service not performed, the credit card company will err on your side, refund you and fight the retailer.

I never shop at BBY, buy they are legally protecting their business here. This is OLD news.


It's a lose prevention issue. Most every retailer has a cap for cash back.

For several reasons: 1) A drawer shouldn't have a ton of cash in the till in case of robbery 2) Large cash returned need to be approved to prevent fraud either by a lying customer or dishonest employee.

3) If the public knows cash drawers are frequently emptied (not allowing large cash to accumulate) they are less likely to try and rob the cashier.

It's called accountability. And to my knowledge it is standard practice at EVERY retail chain


Don't shop at Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, or any other place for that matter then. Stores don't carry large amounts of cash. If you don't like it, quit buying and returning things.

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Best Buy has cancelled 2 scheduled repair visits, terrible customer service

Our LG dryer died. We were told by outside LG repair that it will be totalled. We have made 2 scheduled repair appointments with best buy geek squad, where we had to *** from work & be home. Both were cancelled by Best Buy last minute. They will not give compensation for having to go to the Laundry mat. You can not get a supervisor, you are told they are not available & they will call you& they don't. Very unhelpful customer service. We feel that we are just being lied to. I would not purchase anything else at Best buy.
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#245196 Review #245196 is a subjective opinion of poster. ...Order at your own risk… | Best Buy review from New York, New York

I have placed an order with last September. After about four weeks and numerous phone calls inquiring about the whereabouts of my ordered item (which cost about $200), the incompetent representatives still weren't able to give me an answer, and I decided to just cancel the order. The representative assured me that I will be getting the refund within a few business days. That did not happen. Long story short: after lots and lots of frustrating phone calls with false assurances, and just as many dropped calls, I filed a complaint with the FTC and with BBB. About 3 weeks after filing the complaint, BBB got me the full refund. So in full it took 5 ½ months to get the refund. I have placed orders with many online companies and private sellers, but I must say BestBuy has been the worst experience because of their unreliable customer service. Needless to say, I will no longer be buying anything from this company.
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Do NOT bother with Geek Squad Whole Home tech Support Bundle | Best Buy review from New York, New York

After getting a virus on my PC that locked me out of the internet, I called the Geek Squad for help. After quoting me a ridiculous price ($200 to drag my hard drive in to the store- more for someone to make a home visit) - they talked me into investing in their new Whole Home tech support bundle, promising that for a $69.99 down payment and $19.99 a month fee (and 1-year commitment)- they could fix my problem. It seemed cheaper than the $200- but then I find out that only offers a "discount" on virus removal. AND- they are only available via phone Mon-Fri 9-6 (when most of us are working!). I ended up finding the steps to fix the problem myself online.... something the Geeks could easily have helped me with in a couple of minutes. Instead they choose to try to extort more money. This is a total and complete RIP OFF. Don't fall for it like I did.
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I just got the whole home bundle too and it has worked just fine. In the email they send it has everything in there to contact a technician 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Better than spending a boatload on a one time fix and spend the same for unlimited.....seems like user error to me duhh lol


This is not true...i have the service and it has been is over the phone and remote support..including unlimited virus removals. When a tech takes over the computer to fix a problem you can talk to them 24/7. There is a button that says call technician


First of all, learn how to use the internet and you won't have to worry about viruses.

Second, don't worry about anyone else falling for this. I don't think anyone is that dumb.

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Best Buy Computer Optimization Problems

Hi, I'm writing an article about customers who've had problems with Best Buy's Optimization policy. A number of Best Buy customers have seen a laptop or desktop advertised for a certain price, but when they get to the cash register, they are informed that the computer has been "optimized" or set up and will cost more money because of that. From what I can tell, it's not an isolated incident. If you or someone you know has been charged for this set-up fee for a desktop or laptop, please email me at Thanks, Gabe Kahn
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Anyone *** enough to buy a computer that the retards at Geek Squad had their *** hands on doesn't deserve to have money anyway. I wouldn't take a computer they touched if it was free.

Car dealerships should optimize some new cars by driving them around for a couple of weeks and programming the radio and clock.

Then charge could charge 20$ more for the car. Geek Squad customers would love that.


Are you a current employee? About how many computers of a particular model are pre-optimized and how many are not?



Not all of the computers are optimized. We pre-op a few of each model for the conveince of not having to wait to have the services done. If you decide to buy a pre-op computer which is clearly labeled then yes you do have to pay for those services

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Best Buy Suck? Tell their top investors!

Best Buys return policy is devised to milk customers out of their money. If you have experienced this - call your state attorney general's office. After a multitude of these complaints - they WILL look into it and probably slap them with a lawsuit. That will be VERY expensive - just in the public relations nightmare alone. Second - start contacting their top shareholders. This hits them where it hurts - the corporate executive management's pocketbook. Once shareholders determine that Best Buy can't manage customer retention, (ie; they have to spend more on marketing to get new customers through the door because they can't manage to develop customer loyalty), investors will start selling their stock. Given the that their executive bonuses are either granted in or based on stock prices - this should sufficiently motivate them to reconsider their fraudulent practices. Top shareholders are easy to find as they are public record with any publicly traded company. Find the investment group / fund manager and write / email / fax. Copy Best Buy's CEO. You should get pretty quick reults with this method. THe more people that do this - the more luck you will have.
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Well, if anyone has checked Best Buy's stock price lately, it's obvious that I was proven right. Shortly after my original post - multiple media reports were released regarding Best Buy's woes -and their stock price fell-significantly.

I guess the critics of my original post will have to eat their words... but it was obvious that most were probably Best Buy managers / corporate employees anyway.


You really think your pathetic little post is going to change anything? The state attorney will not do anything.

Why? Because they don't care. And you won't get there stock hurting by contacting shareholders. As long as BBY continues to make money, they won't go anywhere.

Who cares if they suck.

THEY MAKE MONEY. And that's all the shareholders care about.


Our return policies are so strict because we have lazy DB stealing and devising plans to return damaged or fake items. This cost us millions every year.

So i'm sure the return policies aren't made to milk you out of your money. Next time you see someone getting ready to steal, tell them to stop making things harder for the rest of us who work hard for what we have.


The only thing senior leadership cares about is the bottom line. They don't care about retaining quality employees who perform well to help them maintain the bottom line.

They usually have some uneducated GM running the stores who only care about the next BMW they are going to buy and brag about. Buy from Amazon or a more reputable retailer.


The CEO of Best Buy is always under pressure from the shareholders to increase Best Buy's bottom line. I hate to tell you this, but stricter return policies prevent fraud and increases the bottom line.

Losing a few customers is nothing compared to the money they lose with fraudulent returns.

If you follow their clearly posted policies, you shouldn't have a problem returning something.

My guess is you didn't follow their policies and were denied a return. So now you are acting like an immature, scorned lover who just got dumped.

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Best Buy Manager

Im past pissed | Best Buy review from New York, New York

i purchase debt cancellation plan in 2006 was told that if at any point was not able to pay bill they will cover payments for me, i called to cancel several times since my spouse lost job and i became only provider was told each time that if at any point was not able to pay they will cover payments so finally decided to activate since now my paycheck is now reduce because my employer making me pay for most of medical benefits my husband still not working they said i don't qualify, they purposely mislead customers. My name is Jiovana and Im beyond pissed at this time how can they get away with this I have paid hundreds of dollars for this coverage, what can i do....... email addr is
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They can get away with it because you were *** enough to believe that if you give them money they will erase your debt if things go south. Well, you were half right.

Oh and by the way, you can't do anything to get them to change there mind.

Best thing you can do is cancel the debt cancellation to avoid further charges, and cut your losses. Learn from the mistake too.

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Best Buy scams on warranties and new laptop sales.

My first problem with Best Buy was 3 1/2 years ago when I bought a Laptop. I bought the extended warranty and had the Geek Squad set it up (extra cost). When buying, they will put extensive pressure on you to buy the warranty and the setup. Second, when they set it up, they put their own? (or higher profit?) virus software on the machine. Of course, their warranty was very expensive. But I didn't know any better at the time. Second, when I had to return my Laptop for repairs, the Geek Squad manager of the store was incredibly rude throughout the entire process which took weeks despite other promises. I tried to call the store manager - and guess what - they don't answer the phone like the Geek Squad did not answer the phone. I will say that there was one person in the Squad that I finally found, realized the issue, and helped me out. They also figured out a way to charge me extra - which I do not think was valid according to how I read the warranty agreement. Of course, you have to be a lawyer to read it and truly understand it. My second problem was recently when in buying my new PC. It is a PC that for what it had, was at a great price. I had sworn never to pay them another dime and this is an exception because they have gotten an exclusive on certain PCs. Best Buy was the only place I could get this brand and setup. Pressure on to get the warranty again. I refused with difficulty. You do not have to buy a warranty from them. Go to, an independent warranty company that has about the best ratings I have seen for any such company. Many TV news and newspaper reporters have checked them out and report universally great reviews as far as I have seen. They have also figured out another few ways to get you. They now have software on the machine that gives you trial downloads that end up costing you a lot. I suggest you do not buy anything from them because it is probably less expensive and better elsewhere. They also offer you Microsoft Office Student (basic programs) for over $100. I include MS in this issue. What they didn't tell me, and I think an honest retailer would, is that Office 10 will be available for free online - with advertising. So what - Google does that. The cost to put it on your computer will be several hundred dollars I understand. The point -Office 10 comes out in June or July. You can do one of two things - use the trial Office 2007 on the new PC for the intro period, or download the Beta version from At least Best Buy didn't get another cent out of me. Remember: 1 - There is a reason that Consumer Reports rated them dead last of consumer electronics stores. 2 - If you buy a warranty or any extras, especially involving Geek Squad - I would guess that you will be paying considerably more money for considerably less value. 3 - In my case - going to the Geek Squad was a bigger headache than my PC breaking down. 4 - My guess, while not being in the industry, is that they offer good prices and make money on the warranties and other stuff they can sell you. So - save your self some money and the headache of dealing with them.
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I just bought the toshiba blue label laptop. When I was researching it everything looked good, until I started using it.

First came the blue screens of death (within the first week and it was not becasue of a virus), then push-to-tv not working, then freezing while surfing the web (it was the only program I had opened). They were good about handling my first two problems. But now that I am pissed about this I want it replaced, they are giving me the b/s about, well you are passed the 14 days and we cant take it back. Bottom line here is they know me by first name, I bought the computer from them, it is a piece of ***; fix the problem.

This blue label is so bad I won't even pick it up any more, instead I revert back to me nearly 5 year old hp. I have been working in customer service for alomst 10 years, after all the time and being with different companies at some point you figure out do whatever the customer wants within reason. I think my situation is within reason, regardless of their 14 day policy. Bottom line here is they sold me a POS and are not taking care of the issue.

After this whole thing is over I don't think I will Best Buy corporate will not do anything to help me.

What kind of business is this so called best buy. I think they chose their name as a PR ploy becasue they know they are a terrible company.

#181837 Review #181837 is a subjective opinion of poster. | Best Buy review from New York, New York

I have been a Best-buy premium SILVER customer for a very long time. This holiday I bought a Samsung ln46b640 (a bestbuy exclusive model for$999+tax) from I had to pick up from Brooklyn, NY as it was the closest available store to get the TV. I got a confirmation from and I even called the store to confirm the same. After driving 25-30miles to the store, they asked me to wait for them to find the item. Long story short, after waiting for 2hrs and 15mins they finally told me that they couldn't find my tv. I called the next day and after an hour on the phone they told me that there was a computer glitch and I cannot have the tv I ordered, as its out of stock. They told me if I buy with the next model (ln46b650)which was priced at $1359that they will give me a discount of $250. This model # has the same spec as ln46b640 1080p&120HZ, but with a red color border and a chin at the bottom part of the tv. In effect I paid $1100 for the same wine in a different bottle. I got the tv delivered on 12/11/09 and I was still satisfied with my purchase as I got the tv even if I paid a little bit extra. At least that's what I thought until I saw the bestbuy's sales flyer. I found that the tv came with a free blueray player+ free blueray movie (Hangover) and the price dropped to $1279. I called to at least get the blueray player. I was surprised when the CS rep told me that her supervisor denied to do so. I called again after a few days and got the same answer that they cannot honor the promotion as the TV has been delivered. I felt that I have been screwed over by bestbuy. I am going to return the TV as I still have 8 more days to do so. I am probably going to sears and getting the deal as they do price match. I am learned it the hard way that will not price match there own promotion even if its with in few days after the item is delivered. I have been a bestbuy customer for a long time and a premium silver member, but from now, bestbuy is not going to be on the list of my "Place to shop"!
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Tom is probably the rep that messed up. Poor Tom.


Kinda same deal I bought a Dell XPS laptop with unconditional DickSquad warranty..I am studying for CCNA so I have an idea about computers..DickSquak IMMEDIATLY started telling me reasons why the COULDNT cover this..The manager got ivolved the decded to run the diagonostics on the computer. The motherboard was bad, The exchaneged ONLY for computer of LESSER value..I paid 850.00 for the Dell walked out with a piece of *** HP that sold for 700.00..They "exchanged technology for technology" no refunds..

Screw BestBuy of Spartanburg SC and DICKSQUAD service. Next time its Dell.Com all the way...


Your just mad because the only job you can get is working for Bestbuy. Get a life, the only thing you have to do is set in your mon and dads basement and play on your computer. I forgot to add it was the Bestbuy of florence Kentucky


@ Tom

I don't know what your agenda is but here is the situation. I paid $100 more and not $10.

And the $200 off wasn't for the that TV.

It was a compensation for the Bestbuy employee screw-up, which made me drive 20 miles to Brooklyn and wait for 2hrs and 15 min at the register for a store pickup and not get the item. I don't know how you value your time, but for me 3hrs is worth more than $200.


Not only did you get a better TV (100k contrast vs 80k, and the additional features; including Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! Widgets, You Tube, Rallycast, Blockbuster On Demand, and eBay) but the price difference is AT MOST $200! So, they sold you that TV at almost $800 off list! (your math - not paid $10 more for a better model!)

So, you get a better deal on a BETTER TV (which nobody else got, I'M SURE), and you're going to post them up over a lousey DVD PLAYER? It's called double-dipping. I wouldn't allow you to do it, either.

Now, if you REALLY want that free DVD player, I'm pretty sure they would be willing to renegotiate the price you paid for your TV back up to the level where you would qualify for it, but it would very likely cost you more than the DVD player is worth! The price you paid for the TV is STILL less than the difference with the cost of the player removed, or don't you see that?

Please burn your "Premium Silver" membership card; you're not qualified to use it.

Oh, Jeff...MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Look into it. It doesn't matter what price you paid or what the model is, DEFECTS IN WORKMANSHIP has you covered. Best Buy would have sent it back to them for free, and you would have been made whole by now.

Think much?


Hi, I had the same kind of thing happen to me. I bought a new HP computer the day after thanksgiving and they were sold out in minutes.

It was screwd up from the start, hard drive was bad and maybe the mother board.

They would not replace it because it had a different model number and they wanted me to pay over $400.00 more for the same computer with different model number or they would give me a smaller computer instead. The computer they offered me you could buy at Walmart anyday for a cheaper price.

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Best Buy Deal

Do Not buy an Insignia LCD tv from Best Buy!!

We bought a 23" Insignia LCD tv from Best Buy 3 years ago. The picture is now bright yellow and not clear at all. After calling Best Buy they told me I should have bought an extended warrantee and that I was basically SOL. I will never again enter a Best Buy store. It really annoys me that a Giant company like Best Buy will sell their brand, Insignia, and not stand behind it. This was not a cheap TV, but at this rate, our high dollar tv was a disposable model. The reputation of Best Buy will slowly spread thanks to people like us that are tired of being taken advantage of!!
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3 years?


3 Years?


not even the manufacturer will exchange that tv


You want them to replace your TV after 3 YEARS?!?!? are you serious? LOL Next time don't be so cheap and purchase the extended service plan.


Do not buy from bestbuy thier are crooks the worst kind they enjoy stealing your hard earn money


Really you got their store brand? And it *** out on you?

You bought the store brand because it's price was lower than that of a sony or samsung and it *** out on you? After three years, and as you may or may not know, cheap LCD tv's last a max of 4 to 6 years. You should have bought the service plan because you would have been in the 4 year service plan window.

Don't ever buy anything again fellow consumer. You don't want it to break down on you!


Beware, this is real. I am in same situation with TV only 10 months old - it's still under warranty and they refuse to fix it because the serial number is missing (Best Buy even agrees it is still under warranty).

Believe me when I say I did not remove the serial number - no reason to do that while it is under warranty. They claim they could not track it through their system without the serial number. I asked them to put a new one on or otherwise label the TV so it can be fixed. They refused.

Basically they do not honor their warranties and if you take the time to do the research online, you will come across a significant number of unsatisfied customers.

You will also realize that this is common practice with Best Buy and many, many people have been taken advantage of. Based on my personal experience, and the overwhelming complaints piling up, I would caution anyone from buying anything from Best Buy.


We have an Insignia here and it works fine. Guess we just lucked out >=)

Next time, buy a warranty, no0b.


lol. never shop at best buy Wal-Mart is the best


what do you think they sell warranties for? to guarantee that the product will work and look good for the duration, don't be ignorant.

You bought a very poor quality television what do you expect. Now that doesn't mean a high end tv couldn't have that problem, but you pay for what you get.


Yes sir,

It is serious.



It's been 3 years, are you serious?

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