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Ads are lies | Best Buy review from Albany, New York

Went in to trade in my iPhone 4s for a 5s for a $1 like their ad says Fine probe says. As long as it turns on and screen isn't cracked you will receive at least a $150 gift card towards to 5s. Which makes it $1. Well I get in there and he starts looking inside the head phone jack with a flashlight. Cones over and says sorry we can't accept this it has water damage. Really. Because a little disc inside the headphone *** turned pink I can't trade it in even though it works great! ???? Nope. Well what about the ad that says as long as it work and not cracked. We reserve the right to no accept any phone. THEN RIGHT THAT UN THE FRICKEN AD THAT YOULL BE LOOKING FIR PINK IN THE HEADPHONE JACK!!! I would have looked and not come in your awful awful store.
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Yes, the pink circle means there was water damage. No one would accept that phone, it doesn't matter how well it works.

Also, read the FAQ.

Is the Water Damage Indicator active? Yes.

The phone has been exposed to water damage or moisture. We cannot accept the phone.

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Best Buy Gift Card

MISINFORMED BY STORE PERSONNEL | Best Buy review from Albany, New York

I’m writing to let you know HOW VERY upset I am over my recent purchase of a 40” Samsung TV – after discussing with the Samsung rep “Carlos” advising him that the main purpose of the purchase is to attach headphones so that the TV sound at night does not bother me while sleeping and allowing my boyfriend to watch tv - Carlos advised us that any cheap headphones would work – this is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT!! After calling Samsung and re-visiting the store in Albany NY – we were advised that we need to buy $100 headphones to make this work. Now is too late to return the TV and we’re STUCK with it!!! All the staff at the Crossgate’s store and Carlos could tell us - SO SORRY!!!! - I have spend over $1000 at that store in the last month – purchasing a Samsung galaxy Tab 3 recently – and Christmas coming I’m sure I would have spend much more – NOT NOW!!! I will never purchase from Best Buy again – I will cut up my best buy credit card - I know I WILL NOT be buying the headphones from – Best Buy or Samsung!! VERY BAD!!!!!
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Best Buy is awful. I was passed from person to person who couldn't answer my simple question.

While on hold I had to listen to commercial after commercial saying the Best Buy should be nominated for the first opening in the Blessed Trinity. What don't BB employees identify themselves?

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DS Game Exchange Denied | Best Buy review from Albany, New York

I bought 3 DS games for Christmas from Best Buy when they were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale. It turns out my nephew already had one of the games. I tried to exchange the one he had but was told I couldn't because it was the one I got for free. I told them that I wasn't trying to return the game, just exchange it for one of the same price. Nope, I wasn't allowed. I even talked to a manager. Since I technically paid $0 for the game, it was only worth $0. I explained that the game was listed as $29.99 on the receipt (even though I paid $0) and I was just exchanging it for another game worth $29.99. It didn't matter. Apparently they are idiots and don't understand what an exchange is!!
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I had the same problem! When I bought the games for my husband for Christmas, I made sure to ask if he could return them for something else if he wanted to and they said yes, as long as the plastic wrap was still on.

It was, but they told him if he exchanged the "free" game, he would have to pay $59.95 for it. WTF!

He actually went over to Game Stop and they gave him $60 store credit for it even though it wasn't purchased there because with the wrapping on, they could sell it brand new. Best Buy definitely lost our business.


Glad it worked out for you so well. Wow, you did good.


As for the comments on here...I noticed that too.

Its terrible..but thought since I understood what you were asking/talking about and had wondered the same (at the time I made my purchase) and asked...thought I would let you know what I was told. Again...glad it worked out so well for you.


As a follow up, I called Best Buy customer service. They said they couldn't do the exchange because their computer system won't allow them to do so.

They are sending me a $40 gift card to get the game I want and I get to keep the game I don't need. At lesat they fixed the situation and won't lose my business.

As a side note, there are a lot of angry people posting to this site.

I posted to this site to vent my frustration. The responses I've seen are a little disturbing.


I can understand what you are requesting to do. I got 3 PS3 games there with that deal.

I even asked the sales person there if it would be an issue to exchange one if there would be an issue due to the buy 2 get 1 free. I was told no, there wouldn't be. As long as it was not open and I had my receipt. Luckily I didn't have to return/exchange any.

Did you talk to a manager?

I can understand you are only asking for an exchange not a refund. Hope it works out for you.


Don't know what happened with the first post so...

That is weak. You are too Chickensh*t to post by who you are.

You probably hide behind your mommy too. Now see, from here,I could have been as stup*d as you by attacking your mother. But I will not. If I have offended your fat video game playing *** then I am NOT sorry.

It gives me much happiness to know I struck a nerve with a fat little bast*rd like you. Go eat a doughnut.


That is weak. You are too Chickensh*t to post by who you are.

You probably hide behind your mommy too. Now see fat video game playing *** then I am NOT sorry.

It gives me much happiness to know I struck a nerve with a fat little bast*rd like you. Go eat a doughnut.


I need to come clean everyone about my post 2 days ago. I am a worthless POS Best Buy employee and I'm in meetings to address my addiction of peeling one off while watching elderly women (and sometimes men) shop via our in-store security cameras.

My sponsor says I should come clean. Sorry I'm such a loser...


You could take the game to the pawn shop. Sell it and buy your lazy fat *** video game playing nephew some diet pills and a banana.


You paid nothing for the game. You wanted $30 in merchandise in exhange.

Nope. It's just like if you bought an item that was BOGO and wanted to exchange the second one for something else. No dice.

Either return everything you bought for a refund of the amount you paid or keep what you bought. This is how it works with sales that are buy X get one free.

I think you are the id*ot for not understanding this basic policy.

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Best Buy Blacklisted!

I went to my local Best Buy to purchase a Xbox Live 3-Month Membership Card. Upon arriving, the cards were out of stock. No problem, as they had a kiosk where I could order my card and receive a code in my e-mail. I was assured the code would be in my e-mail inbox within 24 hours. Well 2 months later, I still have no code. I opened a complaint case with Best Buy, spoke with costumer service on 7 different occasions and was even offered 10% of my next purchase. Each time I talked with customer service, I was told I would receive the code within 24 hours. The last agent seemed to have given up and told me there is nothing she can do. It has not been an issue with my e-mail, as they have not even sent one. I am returning to the store tonight and hopefully receiving a refund on my purchase. Best Buy has made it my blacklist and I will never again be making a purchase at this horrible store again.
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Worst dont buy anything at "Best Buy" they do not stand behind it and will nickel and dime you to death.


So glad you are not going to shop there again. They do not stand behind their products or their service.

I only wish I would have found these complaints on the Internet before I purchased something from them.

There are pages and pages of complaints more than any other business. Live and learn!


Well, you have probably already figured out by now, but according to their policy they are not allowed to return cards. Maybe if you throw enough of a hissy fit, they'll do something for you.

I was always with the way of thinking, if I am going to pay for something I want to walk out of the store with it. Don't be mad with them because you were impatient....


Agreed. Worst customer service there is.

Have been on the phone for over two hours with India about problems with rewards card. No luck, do not ever buy from them.

Called corporate, same run around. Only buy fromCostco!

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