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My husband and I had been researching fridges for the past several months, and last week came across an 'open box' Samsung at Best Buy that was within range of our price we were looking to pay, having seen fridges at the home improvement stores and appliance stores. It was an 'open box', a customer return. There was no physical damage to the fridge, we were told the person bought it, but was unhappy with the color (?!) and returned it. Husband pulled it out away from the other fridges so we could check the sides, it was pristine. We were happy. We paid for it and arranged for delivery.

The fridge shows up for installation and the delivery guys tell us there are some scratches on it, despite the note on the sales receipt by both us AND the salesperson to the contrary when it was purchased. Scratches on the front, a shallow dent on the left side, and dings where the paint was actually removed on the right hand side of the side of the door! Despite the fact it was supposedly bubble wrapped for protection!!!

We spoke with Best Buy as the fridge sat in our driveway and the rep told us we could deny delivery or take it and perhaps get some money off the fridge. We went with the latter. We went into the store and spoke with a 'manager' (so said his name tag) in the appliance department, having brought photos to corroborate our tale. He apologized and said he could either take back the fridge and we could buy another one (at retail) or he'd split the cost of replacing it with an 'in-box' fridge. Another $80. But no money off - my husband point blank asked him. We were ticked off, and I don't see us buying from Best Buy again. I mean, really, a fridge leaves the store in pristine condition and arrives damaged? And I'm not talking a little cosmetic damage, I mean paint scraped off, and you won't come off the price by any amount?

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

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Should have just went with a new one for the extra $80, I mean c'mon!


Dear Installer - Expressing concern about a product OWNED by the customer yet handled by BestBuy after their card was charged is entirely reasonable. They purchased the open-item ''as is" and received it in an entirely different state.

As an employee of BestBuy I understand that some speculation may be necessary due to the unfortunate fact that dishonesty exists, however based off of the story being told they are not whining - rather complaining for being treated like liars. Additionally, if the appliance was truly in pristine condition before and during the sale transaction, is it not BestBuy's fault that we handled their product with neglect?


You bought an open box unit. Things happen when moving them all over the store and into a truck that goes to the warehoues and then onto another truck blah blah. Not making excuses, but get a different one, quit whining and go on with your life.


What kind of answer is that?! Stop whining?

Are you going to pay for the new one? No...just because someone needs to look for a great deal does not mean they deserve inferior products OR treatment.

There, but for the grace of God, go many of us. Being helpful won't hurt you...not even a little.


This is why you work at Best Buy, be a professional, accept the mistake, make it right and move on. THAT is how business is done.


that's why you should have bought from an independent dealer the service is at or above standards.Obviously the unit wasn't handled with any tlc bouncning around the truck.

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