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Update by user Jul 11, 2011

I posted this complaint on the Best Buy Unboxed Forums, in which I got a response within a few days from one of their Community Connectors. He seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me with my situation, however, it was obvious that there was a limit to what he could do to help, as he passed my information along to the store\'s General Manager and District Manager.

This was back in early June.

I have yet to hear a peep from the people who are supposed to be able to help. I just find it funny how there is little that corporate could do to assist or mend my tainted experience with their store.

Original review posted by user Jun 10, 2011

Both my husband and I have been loyal Best Buy customers for more than a decade each. Despite us being able to purchase items online or at other discount retailers for remarkably less, we always purchase from Best Buy, and I mean that. Our most recent trip however, left the two of us utterly infuriated and speechless. On June 7, 2011, my husband and I were at the Eubank Best Buy location in Albuquerque, New Mexico perusing the DVDs. Many of the Blu-ray titles had promotional stickers on them advertising a "Trade & Save" deal that would allow us to trade in any DVD for $5 off select Blu-ray titles in the store. After seeking out an associate for more details on how this promotion worked, we were told that the details were as simple as the sticker would suggest. To avoid having to look through every single movie cover for a sticker, I asked for a list of participating titles. We were told that such a list didn't exist. In fact, we could trade in any DVD at any time to get store credit and not just the movies with the special stickers. On June 9, 2011, at approximately 6 pm, my husband and I returned to the same Best Buy location with a small stack of DVDs to trade in. We went to customer service, told the associate that we wanted to do a trade in, and asked again how the deal worked. We were told that each DVD would be $5 off a participating Blu-ray (the ones with stickers), but that we couldn't combine our credit to all go toward the same title. In other words, we would have to buy seven new movies to claim the money earned from the seven movies we brought in. Quite understandable. After noticing that she didn't have any coupons left at the register, the associate called a manager to ask if the deal was still going on. After confirming this with the manager, she proceeded to scan our movies, place recycling stickers on them, toss them into a recycling bin and gave us our coupon and receipt indicating that we had given them seven movies. My husband and I then spent an hour and a half going through all the movies in the Blu-ray aisle and carefully deciding which participating titles we wanted to add to our collection. When we went to the register, the cashier scanned the coupon and pointed out that it didn't work because the promotion had expired on June 4, 2011. Another associate was called over, who read the coupon and also told us that the coupon had expired. After telling him that we had just been given the coupon about an hour before, he told us that the coupon was only good for participating titles. We pointed out that all of the movies we selected had stickers indicating this, and that we were well aware of that stipulation. He responded by saying that he had to check a "list" to verify this, but that he could override the expiration date so we could get our $5 off of one of the titles. After clarifying with him that we had $35 worth of credit, he called over a manager. The manager looked over the coupon we presented, and also told us that the coupon was expired. She obviously wasn't the one who had given the okay that the promotion was still going on. We explained the whole situation again, and she responded with the same spheel regarding participating titles. She had the other associate go find a shipper to come up front to explain what this meant. When we showed her that all the titles we chose had the sticker, she assumed that we had merely picked out the "stragglers" of the group that they had not managed to sell. However, there must have been over a hundred still on the floor, and at least 20 titles that my husband and I had such a hard time only choosing seven. Being frustrated by how big of an issue this had become, my husband and I decided that we just wanted our DVDs back and didn't want to purchase the Blu-rays. We were told that we could not have our DVDs back because according to the coupon, we could not take the DVDs after trade-in. However, having not received anything for the movies we brought in to trade, we thought this to be quite unfair. After arguing with the manager, we were able to walk back to customer service, where our movies had to be picked out of the recycling bin and given back to us. And while this whole situation was frustrating, the most disappointing part was that no one we dealt with after the issue came about was willing to listen to my husband and I. Instead, we were treated as if we were trying to scam the store out of seven Blu-rays for a $35 discount off of a possible $180 purchase. We were treated rudely, and were cut off several times when we had tried to calmly explain our side of the issue. My husband and I put in a lot of effort to find out details of the promotion, yet, no one told us that the promo had ended until after we had been given a coupon "guaranteeing" a deal. At the end of our two hour visit to Best Buy, not once were we given a given a simple apology. My husband and I left with our DVDs in tow feeling like we had been the ones who caused the mistake. I would have been more understanding of the matter had a manager not given the initial associate we talked to an okay to accept our DVDs for trade in. If the promotion had ended, all employees, especially a manager, should have clearly known this before giving information out to customers. This Best Buy location clearly needs to fix its communication and managerial issues so it can provide better service to its customers.
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