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I just recently was at the best buy in springfield, pa returning something I did not need. The girl that helped me was so sweet and kind and even though she had been hassled by her previous customers she greeted me with a smile. I then saw a taller skinny man walk behind the counter to help with another issue. After he was done he said hi or talked to everyone around him except for this one girl. I was observing all this because I was waiting for my husband to go get the item we were exchanging. The man then walked passed her and said hi or had small talk with everyone around her. But she just stared out into the store. He did not even look at her. After he walked away she just hung her head down low and sighed. my husband finally came back with our exchange and I am a very nosey person so I asked her about it. she just shook her head and said she doesnt know. I then asked her who he was and she said he was her manager. I AM SHOCKED at the way that man singled out one employee and not talk to them for god only knows whatever reason. she looked so sad after he did not acknowledge her. she is an amazing worker and very helpful to her customers. she has genuine patience and a smile at all times. I am just shocked at the way HER manager acted like she didnt even exist when everyone surrounding her couldnt help but be around her. I hope that awful man makes her stronger instead of hurting her. he looks evil and if I ever need to speak to a manger I will refuse to talk to him.
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Wow cohena2, are you perhaps, the coward manager described in the Best Buy, Springfield PA blog?? Only a shallow, unhappy, pathetic individual would treat others poorly to make themselves feel important. you are a sad excuse for a role model and part of the problem Americans face today.


Nobody likes a nosey snitch.


Nobody likes a nosey snitch.


Nobody likes a nosy snitch.


Make it a point to sing her praises to that *** and comment on how unprofessional you found his behavior

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