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Best Buy Provides Terrible Customer Service

I ordered three DVDs on cyber monday that were expected to arrive at my house between December 12th and 17th. I received an email saying all three items were backordered and to call their number to either cancel my order or change it to store pickup. As these items are a christmas gift I wanted to switch it to store pickup so I called and the representative told me it did not show the items were backordered on her system so I should call back tomorrow. I called the next day (Friday) and was told someone was trying to fix my situation and would e-mail me back on Monday. No one ever emailed me so when I called again a new representative told me there was nothing she could do and I just had to wait until the items came in. I am beyond upset and I will never again shop at best buy.
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The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rates retailers on page 25. Best Buy is at the bottom.

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  • Christmas gift
My 14 year old son bought a used Sky RiM vidio game for his play station 3 from Best Buy with his own money. When he tried to play it, the game froze. The next day my wife drove him back out to Best Buy. My son wanted to purchase a new Sky Rim video game so he would...
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Bottom line, the store manager did refund the money via store credit, and that's something he didn't need to do.

Also, they agreed to exchange it with another game. You could have also arranged to wait to exchange it when the other game comes in.

This time, I have to side with BB.

It's difficult when our children purchase items with their own money, and we feel they've been taken advantage of. It's happened to my son when he was much younger, and I felt terrible about it. Not with BB, with another place. Nothing we could do. He was out the money. I used it as a learning experience with him, and I made up the money he lost. Now he knows!

Framing this only retains and reinforces the anger every time you see it.

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Best Buy Deal

Bestbuy in store customer service suck | Best Buy review from Willingboro, New Jersey

I bought Asus Laptop for $749.00, as soon as I got home, I notice the crack on the screen, I then return the laptop (the very next day) to a best buy near my house (Easton Road, Willow Grove Pennsylvania). Sales associate/ or customer service refuse to refund or exchange defective Asus laptop because of the crack on the screen, (They basically told me TOUGH) their reason was "The box is in good condition" except ofcourse the screen is damage. I ask to speak to a manager, however, for some reason sales associate said that no manager is available and they will tell me the same thing. The conversation escalate into an argument, first because my laptop is a day old and they refuse to take back their defective product, they also decline to replace, refund or fix (A day old defective product), second, they were just very rude and unprofessional. I was very disappointed and upset with best buy in willow grove and I would never buy anything from them again. Never again Best Buy.
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Lynn, yeah it was a big mistake, why didn;t I think of that? I should have ask them to set it up for me as well to make sure its a working computer, but then again, I was so cheap I did not want to pay terrible squad $99 dollars.

I own the laptop for 12 hours since I bought it at 5 pm and return it the next day to the nearest house.

Why would I return it to the same store if I can drive 5 mins from my house to get the same service from bestbuy store, aren't they working for the same company?

You sound exactly like bestbuy employees who blame consumers for your damage product. Employees, management and your terrible policies will be the very reason of your downfall.


Also, I have bought two laptops from Best Buy. Both times, they have opened up the box and checked that it was all okay.

Perhaps you're forgetting to mention that? Maybe it really WAS you who broke it.


Why didn't you CALL as soon as you realized it was cracked? And did you even return it to the same store?


We are not worstbuys enemy Simon, were the reason why your company thrived and us, customers, will also be the reason of worstbuy collapse, worstbuy will plummet like a rocket, and I can’t wait for that to happen.


"You're replies are juvanile and doesnt make sense."

My replies don't make sense? Coming from the person who wrote that sentence? LMAO!


Yep, I also work for Target and Wal-Mart. Actually, I don't even work in retail, but you can believe whatever you want.


Simon thanks for proving that bestbuy and their employees who work for them are an *** You're replies are juvanile and doesnt make sense. I understand that consumers who got rip off by worstbuy will not get any sympathy from you, but by golly please act like adult. By the way, unless your a CEO or an important shareholder of worstbuy, you're only a fly sitting in a pile of sh*.


Simon thanks for proving that bestbuy and their employees who work for them are *** You're replies are juvanile.


Ignore Simple Simon he works for Best Buy and is one of the best reasons to NEVER shop there.


"Simon, you probably bestbuy employee"

Well you probably 5 years old.

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Best Buy Manager


I was speaking to a friend online who told me about a new laptop she bought at Best Buy on sale for $799 I went to look at it on line and there it was on sale at Best Buy for $749 This really aggravated me to see that a store would overcharge a customer and not say the lowest sale price which was current. This friend told me there were many college students buying the same laptop, and i felt bad. I sent my friend an email with a copy of the ad online to show Best Buy that it was their current advertised price. She did get a refund of $53.00. The $50.00 plus the tax. after I encouraged her to go back. I think its awful that many others were ripped off and didnt even know it, and especially young people who are going off to college and have so many expenses.
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Yes thank God for those government watchdogs protecting me from that big bad Best Buy who would accidentally charge me $50 dollars (that they will refund if the laptop goes on sale). Now who do I turn to to complain that I have paid $120,000 to Social Security and Medicare that I will never get back after it goes bankrupt in 30 years?


They ARE ripping people off. Do you research Best Buy has been fined by many governmental agencies for their shoddy business practices.


they are not ripping you off, Typically website prices update before a store price updates, what you need to do is be smart. Go on the internet and check their website for the price or ask the sales associate if its cheaper online.

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