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We walked into the Rockaway Best Buy store on December 28, 2012 to purchase a projector and after selecting this Optoma model we had to wait for about 30 minutes for the item to be brought to the register, as this was the last unit they had as we were told. Since this...
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I wish you all the luck. I will have to check out the sites. I guess our lesson here is to NOT let the item leave your side until the transaction has been completed.. AND to list the serial number of the,item in your,possession.

Thank you for this post. My monetary loss is a bit more. They didn't play a switch on me, they were just proving themselves to be sneaky and in NOT caring for their customers. My unit defected in the 20th day, I found out they recently switched their return policy from 30 to 15 days. No one let me know like perhaps a "hey we just changed our policy" or SOMETHING, and then their "Geek Squad" and warranty were WORTHLESS as well. We need to warn people.

Thanks again.

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Black Tie phone protection plan | Best Buy review from Rockaway Township, New Jersey

We had been paying for the best buy black tie phone protection plan for months and when we finally needed it, we were not given a new phone as promised and had to fight with best buy to get a new phone. We were never told that if we did not cancel the protection plan on the broken phone, we would continue to be billed. Months went by and best buy was deducting for the service on the new phone from our checking account and then approximately 6 months later, they billed a credit card of mine for $16.00 4 times in one day. I called them and told them we were paying for the protection plan from our checking account and they should not be taking from my checking account and credit card for a protection plan on one phone. They promised me a refund of $96.00 and when it was never credited to my card, and I called them about it, they told me they had decided to refuse me the refund because we never cancelled the plan on the broken phone. We were led to believe that the plan on the broken phone would transfer to the new phone and all would be fine. I have cancelled the plan and will never shop at best buy again. How they can justify charging twice for a service plan, one on a new phone and one on a de-activated broken phone is really questionable.
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Call the credit card company and tell them that you would like to file a complaint under the Fair Credt Billing Act and want the charges refunded to your account. Ask them for the procedure.

If the represenative is unaware of the Act ask for a supervisor. The Act is federal law. Also you may file a complaint with the New Jersey Office of Consumer Affairs at (973)504-6200.

The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rated retailors. Best Buy was at the bottom.

John N

First of all, you are throwing money away on a "protection" plan. Like extended warranties, this is usually a waste of money and a scam.

Almost always a waste of money.

Second---never, ever let anyone take money automatically from your bank account or charge your credit or debit card.

Why would you allow someone to do that? As you found out, you play *** trying to get them to stop or correct their mistake.

Thirdly---dispute the charge with your credit card company.

@John N

lrn2read your reciepts. They state CLEARLY in very plain english that the plan will bill for 23 months unless you call 1-888-best-buy to cancel the plan.

The billing system is nothing more than a computer program..

It does not come laced with miss cleo, so it does not know when a phone is de-activated by your wireless carrier.

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Horrific Experience with Best Buy's Outlet Center & Customer Service

I have never been treated as disrespectfully as a consumer as I have through my experience with Best Buy. I am due with my second child any day and I have spent more time arguing with customer service than I have preparing my bag for the hospital. I attempted to purchase a product online that would act as a big brother gift for my first son and was sent the wrong item not once, but twice. Even my attempts to return the original botched item were made impossible by best buy. I was told I would be e-mailed a UPS return label which never happened. I then spent over 30 minutes on the phone while a team of people created a return label- because apparently you need a team of people to create a return label. I was told I could place the package in a drop box, which turned out to be incorrect. I had to drive many miles to the nearest UPS store to mail the package back to Best Buy in 100 degree heat. Again, let me point out that I am 9 months pregnant. I was also unable to receive the new item because Best Buy stipulated that someone must be here to sign for the product without mentioning that to me. Again, another trip to the UPS facility. Imagine my surprise when I received the wrong item YET AGAIN! It's even the same mistake that was made! Unbelievable! I have just spent the better part of the last 2 hours on the phone with customer service. Each time I was promised that I would be transfered to a manager who would correct my issue and each time I was either disconnected or rerouted back to the original automated message. And on top of all of this, my son will now not have the one gift that he was looking forward to. I have never in my life experienced such horrible customer service. I can assure you I will never shop at Best Buy again- whether online or in the store. How Best Buy stays in business is beyond me. I will make sure to publicize the horrendous practices at Best Buy to anyone who will listen- via Facebook, the blog that I write, or any other way I can think of. I would rather pay twice the price at the Apple Store and be treated like a normal human being. They should be ashamed of themselves.
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Doesn't the sob story go I had to treak 12 miles through the blinding snow.


Being pregnant does not give you extra privileges. If you don't think you should be doing errands in the heat, then stay home.

You must be such a role model to your son - trashing every person you think is mean to you online.


Actually Apple treats me like gold when I visit. Best Buy............not so much.

You must be a pubescent teen that doesn't understand what customer service USED to be like decades ago. Good luck when your store closes, perhaps there is a McDonalds looking to hire in your area


while I do think that you weren't treated great at Best Buy, don't count on Apple treating you any better. they're a bunch of greedy, selfish ***

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