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Josh at best buy in Jersey City is condescending and doesn't understand how to talk to customers. I had asked him a simple question about if I could exchange the solo beats I had bought on Black Friday for another color. He responded with a long explanation without answering my question directly. Then, made me feel *** by saying you aren't understanding what I am telling you because youre interrupting me. Honestly I was looking for a yes or no answer not a long conversation about why. Never make the customer walk out of the store greling bad about asking simple questions. Not everything about retail is common knowledge. Avoid Josh in the yellow rain jacket he's condescending and cannot answer questions directly. I will never go to that best buy again.
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Poor customer service

Managers unfit to run the store | Best Buy review from Jersey City, New Jersey

East Brunswick, NJStore sold me broken item,asked me to come in and place order for replacement, when visited store, manager was pissed to come out of the office so she didn't perform the exchange, asked me to leave the store because insisted. when called store manager,he refused to come to the phone. told him I know CEO Brian Dunn, he hang up the phone. went to different store and exchanged product. Since, i have retuned any Best Buy item I could and will never shop BestBuy again. Oh, my calls to Brian Dunn went unanswered. ASK their own employees, they tell you not to shop there.
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I Managed retail stores for over 20 years. There are many unethical practices that go on and upper managers are well aware of it but deny it.

In Sales, it’s all about the numbers and profit margin. Extended warranty in additional services are the most profitable products retailers can sell and the more you sell, the better you look and the sooner you are promoted. THIS IS A SAD FACT OF RETAIL.

Simon might disagree with this, when a sales person gives you one price on a product and you look at your receipts and see 2items but your total is what you were quoted, that’s unethical practice. This practice is called bait and switch, in many states, this act is punishable by law.

If your sales person “packed” or tacked on additional service without your knowledge, you can certainly report that to your better business bureau and DA office. WORST BUY is best known for this, Black Tie………


Simon, just like the rest of you Worst Buy Managers, you judge customers based on their grammar and perhaps the color of skin and accent as well.

Yes, I do have Black hair and dark skin. But I can teach you proper English.


I bought a computer at Best Buy and declined all additional stuff they were trying to sell (geek squad etc..). The computer was at $699 and that's what I paid with the Best Buy credit card.

1 week later, I returned the computr. The CD ROM was not working. Whn I returned the computer, I realized that the sales rep at discounted the computer by $19.99 to add the geek squad for $19.99 so that the price was the same than what I expected but I had to pay for a monthly fee for the geek squad. The Mission Valley manager refused to reimburse me the $19.99 for the geek squd even though I returned the computer (I bought a Sony online instead) and even though I had not ordered that service in the first place.

2 months later, I still have not been reimbursed the $19.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After talking several times to supervisors on the phone, making a phone complaint. I was already told 3 times that the reimbursement has been issue yet the credit card has still a balance of $19.99 that I need to pay if I don't want to be charged interest! BEST BUY=WORST BUY. Will never buy there anymore.

Ah, on the phone, I was told that the store manager should have never refused to rimburse the computer and not the Geek Squad S--- that I never used or ordered!


best buy managers are a joke


Most customers arnt trouble until they have to deal with long waiting or unsatisfactory service! I had a best buy manager put his chin and chest in my husbands face after waiting to talk to a supervisor for 45 min. Lucky for him his manager came out and helped us and was quite easy to deal with so sometimes its the employee thats a problem.


I have worked in retail and customer service far to many years. The one thing I can tell you is that if the manager needs to come out and if you start claiming to know the CEO you are a problem customer.

I have never had issue returning or exchanging at best buy, however I tend to be polite and patient.

I am sure your buddy Brian would appreciate you bad mouthing his company on the internet.


If you know Brian Dunn, why did your phone calls go unanswered? Could it be you're a lying sack of ***?

Why should the manager have to come out and deal with you? He pays employees to tell customers they can't exchange the item they broke. It sounds like you weren't smart enough to understand what no means.

Unfit to run the store? Judging by your grammar, you are unfit to run a lemonade stand, so who made you the almighty? I'm sure you not shopping there is a win-win for everyone.

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Best Buy Manager

Worst Buy, even worse service | Best Buy review from Jersey City, New Jersey

I purchased a Best Buy computer and a year and half later I needed to bring it in to their "Geek Squad" because it wasn't powering up. After waiting two weeks I was told it was the mother board and it wouldn't be cost effective to fix. While I was waiting for them to run my credit card two other people had come up and were told the exact same thing as I was, "it's your mother board, not cost effective to replace". They charged me $70 and sent me on my way. I just had a gut feeling that I was being taken. I brought the computer to a small computer shop in my home town. Come to find out it was actually the power module that required replacement. Total charge parts and labor $65. Needless to say I was pissed. I called the Best Buy store immediately and in so many words was told tough ***. I wrote letters to their customer service department, no reply. I even managed to do some research and got the CEOs contact info and sent a letter, no reply. Needless to say I haven't stepped foot into Best Buy since, that was over five years ago. In this time of mass consumer volume business, stores like Best Buy don't give a *** about customer service. I don't despise much in this world, unfortunately I do despise Best Buy. I wish they would have gone under instead of Circuit City. Nearly forgot, last year someone purchased an air conditioner as a gift for me. I took it out of the box put it in the window, all it did was blow ambient air, the compressor would not turn on. Asked them where they purchased it so I could return it, you guessed it Best Buy.
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Walmart knows jack *** about electronics!! good luck lol


Just because you dont see a girl working in Geek Squad in one store doesn't mean there are no girls in the Geek Squad in other stores. That is rediculous to say that you don't know why they put girls in the add under Geek Squad...are we not an equal oppertunity country?

As far as your problem goes to having the computer charged 70 just to be diagnosed.. I completly agree that is a lot of money just to say "oops cant fix it" and of all things to have the wrong information about it needing to be fixed. Did you talk to thier general manager? Unfortunatly mail doesn't seem to get points across anymore.

Walmart is good for groceries and odds and ends, they usually offer a lot of good prices on things of that nature but as far as installations and getting a personalized set up for the electronics I would not go to anyone else but Best Buy. I have never had a problem with service at a Best Buy but I suppose different stores different people.

Good luck with your future purchases but I deff. recommend raising the issue with the GM at the local store.


Walmart blows for electornics.

Yeah like I'm gonna buy a television or video game console from some retard in the electronics dept. with his name tatooed on the side of his neck and wearing 5lbs of gold chain itching his ***. Yeah, EVERY Walmart I've been to employs those types of retards into their low paying associate store positions.

BTW....sorry to hear about your frustration from the "Geek Squad" .....having a computer background and knowing ppl that worked for the Geek Squad, i can say that Best Buys PC maint. policies are usually spot-on with your local PC repairman. They are a bunch of good guys (yeah, guys....I don't think I've EVER seen a girl in the Geek Squad dept at a Best Buy. Not sure why they put Geek "girls" in their paper ads and commercials...makes no sense) who do a great job fixing computers. I'm located in the Columubus, OH area and haven't had a problem with any Best Buy stores.

Sorry about your luck!


At least Walmart listen to its customers..maybe that is why they are so who is calling someone a duma$$ redneck...*** ***...


You wont be missed keep goin to walmart for all your electronics needs just as every duma$$ redneck does.

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