Deivery man broke my new washer and lied about it! | Best Buy in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey

Bought a new washer. Delivery man broke it, flooded the floor and then lied and said he just dropped it off he did not try to install! My contractor witnessed the whole thing. Delivery man said he would come the next day and replace part he broke! No! Bought a new washer- want a new washer. Can't believe he lied to BestBuy. Now I have to fight with them for replacement. I have pictures and a witness! Terrible experience.
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  • Delivery man broke washer and lied about it
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Problem with delivery

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Otter box case for my Samsung s3 was a Chinese knockoff and the clip broke off the case. I can't get a replacement through the great otter box warranty program because it's a KNOCKOFF. DON'T SHOP AT BEST BUY
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Bad quality

Beware Best Buy Electronic Warranties

I pushed a Gateway laptop from Best Buy in 2007 and bought a extended warranty for 3 years. The laptop kept having charge problems and they replaced the mother board 6 times in before giving me a refurbished replacement laptop. I would always call the number of the bottom of my old laptop whenever there was a problem. When I got my replacement laptop and wanted to know when my warranty end there was no number on the bottom. So, I had to get the phone number directly from the Gateway website. I called them and they said they had no records of my original laptop. They only information they had was when I registered my replacement on their website. Once they found my warranty I spoke to a Supervisor to see why Gateway didn't have my records. He told me that this isn't the first time this had happened with BestBuy. Apparently, the number on my old laptop was for a company Best Buy owns to handle their warranties but its not the actual electronic manufacturer. They even introduced themselves as Gateway when I would call so I never thought otherwise. Once I got my replacement laptop it was shipped from the actual Gateway so there that was why there was no number to call on the bottom. So, never buy extended warranties from Best Buy. Only buy they directly from the actual company's website.
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What I'm confused about is how you had the motherboard replaced 6 times. Per the Best Buy service plan, on the 4th qualified repair, Best Buy will replace the product with a comparable one, and it will not be a refurbished one.

I have also never known Best Buy to put a number on the bottom of the computer that you need to call. Was it for Geek Squad? Why did you not just bring it into a store whenever you had a problem with it? And when you called, they answered the phone as Gateway?

It seems to me that number on the bottom of the computer was for Gateway, and that's why they answered the phone as Gateway, as well as why they fixed it 6 times instead of only 4 before replacing it, and gave you a refurbished one instead of a new one. None of that sounds like anything that has to do with Best Buy.

No offense, but I think you bought the service plan on your computer, but did not actually ever use it. Sounds like everything you did was through Gateway, not Best Buy.


So, let me get this straight; you purchased a laptop at Best Buy in 2007 with a PSP, got service every time, and even got it replaced because of the warranty you were sold, and now you're telling people NOT to buy them because they did exactly what they promised? :x

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