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I will never shop at Best Buy ever again! My wife purchased a NEW HP 2-1 Laptop with Windows 10/ Edge ($600) for me for Xmas just a few months ago. Here we are 3 months later and the thing is not functioning as she was told it would with the type of work that I would be doing on it. Don't get me wrong, its a beautiful laptop, but its just not working as promised.

Fast forward to yesterday (Saturday, 3/17/18) when I decided enough was enough and we went down to the store to see if they would give me at the least an exchange so I could apply it towards a MacBook Pro ($1100).

The young lady at customer service advised me that it was out of their return policy (fair enough). I explained that I don't need a return (my money back) just store credit. She then saw that we had a Geek Squad warranty so she quickly sent me to Geek Squad to have them help me.

I went to Geek Squad and the rep from Geek Squad informed me that they would be fixing it and not exchanging it. Apparently, in Best Buys eyes they have developed this idea that exchanging and returning are the same thing (Ridiculous if you ask me but Ok). He then tells me that they could offer to purchase it from me as a trade in and that they would give me 25% of purchase value. (Ridiculous but I at least wanted to see the actual offer) He sent me back to Customer Service.

Back at Customer Service, they had some guy who was obviously having a hard time as he constantly was asking his coworkers how to do this or that. (No issue there) But then he comes back with, if you trade this less than 3 month old laptop that you purchased new from here with a warranty and antivirus, we can give you $14 ?!?!? That couldn't be right, 25% of $600 would be roughly $150. I asked why and they just kept telling me "thats what the system was saying", so I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager comes over, and explains the same thing again about the trade in amount being $14 but if I liked, he would attempt it again so I said OK. He explains that they don't have that laptop in the computer so theyre just using similar features from other laptops. OK? But again I ask how is 25% of $600 $14??? He said he didnt know and didnt know why the rep (who was standing at the cashier next to him) from Geek Squad told me that. I mean, he could have easily tapped him and asked him why he said that seeing as he's the manager but he did not and the Geek Squad rep just stood at the register next to the manager as if he was not hearing me.

I asked this manager about their policy and how it seems a bit inconsistent and DISCRIMINATORY to which he just stood there and said that it was out of his control. He couldn't give me answers and he seemed very uninterested in seeing if there was a way he could help provide those answers. Completely frustrated at the incompetence and lack of answers, I decided I would resolve it myself and never give another cent to Best Buy.

Best Buy officially lost me today. I understand employees dont create the policies but they should be able to explain or find someone who can explain it to them. "I don't know, thats what the system is telling me," is not acceptable. I've worked in Retail and there are manager overrides, and defects that can be credited by the manafacturer of the product. Its all about using logic and common sense even when you're an employee.

You don't need a system to tell you what 25% is. Its called a calculator ($600X25%=$150) BOOM! That simple.

You don't need for someone to chastise you for unethical practices when its obvious that a trade in amount thats being offered is incorrect. Especially when its an insulting amount.

So fast forward to today, I placed my laptop for sell online for $500 and I already have 12 responses in less than 1 hour AAAAND I purchased my MacBook Pro from Frys who price matched Best Buy and were more than happy to help me.

Moral of the story. Don't ever shop at Best Buy again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor CS, Return Policy & Pricing. Discriminatory Practices.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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