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Never go back. I have spent thousands of dollars with Best Buy but they have now forever lost my business.

I will never ever buy anything from them ever again. I had bought a camera from Best Buy a really nice Canon two memory cards and a backpack to carry it all in.

It all came to $1722 of which I paid cash for I never even took it out of the bag and when I went to return it today because of a family emergency, they would not give me my cashback they said will cut you a check and mail it to you even though I was bagging them because I said I had a family emergency and they basically told me no and then threatened to have me arrested if I didn’t leave the store because I was causing a scene. Never ever buy anything from Best Buy again

Product or Service Mentioned: Canon 80d Photo Camera.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Thye did nothing wrong! Read your receipt and you will see the return policy. Store's don't keep large amounts of cash on hand


Best Buy---and many other retailers---do not like to deal in cash, whether it is from you as a customer paying for an item or from them as you found out. I remember a few years ago buying a computer from them and the guy writing everything up and he was astonished I was going to pay cash.

He ended up taking me to another area so I could pay in cash. With an increasing digital consumer society, most people do not have the cash and/or wherewithal to pay the full amount for any purchase when they buy it. They rely on the credit card and have no problem making payments at a high interest rate. When you think about it, tho even if you can pay in cash for something like an electronics item or appliance it is best to pay via a credit card and then pay it off when the statement comes so you do not incur an interest expense because of the protection afforded by paying in this way---if there is a problem, you can always dispute the charge since you haven't paid for it yet.

As for shopping at Best Buy, they have some problems and really, why would you need to buy anything from them anymore?

I stopped buying my computers and such a few years ago when their "noise" blaring from the speakers got so obnoxious and irritating that I couldn't concentrate on what it was I was looking for. Best Buy now apparently appeals to teenagers who don't need a nice shopping environment.

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