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A word of caution before you purchase any appliance from Best Buy and need the item delivered to your home: Be sure you have excellent Homeowners Insurance with an affordable deductible! If the “third party” delivery company contracted by Best Buy to bring you your new appliance does something reckless (like neglects to strap a big oven range into a dolly and that oven range crashes down a set of stairs and does thousands of dollars in damage to your walls, bannisters and hardwood stairs) Best Buy’s reaction will be to point the finger at their “third party” delivery company and refuse to take any responsibility themselves, financially or otherwise. I just finished cutting up my Best Buy credit card and we will never, never, never buy anything from them again.

Reason of review: Too many to list here for a single transaction!.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Best Buy Cons: Worst customer service deserve no stars, Trying to dump damage off on third party warehouse.

  • Terrible Customer Service
  • Damage In Home
  • Won t Take Responsiblity
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I had same they delivered and took out of box and removed packing before they put in truck. warning on manufactures paper said do not remove packing until delivered.

Now it has to be serviced and they use a third party rude. lied more than once about info they had put down I will not be buying from best buy again

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