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I won't buy anything from Best Buy because of this store (Bestbuy Tuttle Crossing). Employee who work are lying when they try to sell stuff for you. But NEVER take responsibility in returning process.

This is what I get from this store:

1. I bought a laptop and they give me a different model with worse hardware. Charge me same price

2. When I went to return it (That computer Suck!), I was told by help desk to leave my computer in front desk.

3. I was lead by a employee to computer area. He tried to persuade me for an exchange but when I was led to that area, he went back to his own business and leave me alone.

4. When I went back to front desk by myself. No one was there except my computer with receipt

5. Without receiving any help, I left store, assuming I finished return process and no best buy employee wants to taken care of me now.

6. After more than one month, I was told that my computer is not returned and since it has been more than one month, I won't be able to return it.

7. I went to store and talk with an associate. He only agreed to me for an exchange for another laptop and he thought since no one ever tell me "I can't return a computer on the next purchase day", Best Buy are fine with that.

So here is my question:

What the *** best buy employee are doing in one month? That associate said they try to call me but I can provide my phone record to prove that he was lying.

He offer the most ridiculous solution I have ever had. After I return laptop immediately because it is Suck and it is the only computer that I pick from best buy (Others are worse), after one month he told me he can allow an exchange because he is so kind. I can assume how other employee are in Best Buy.

My parents pay me for this laptop and I'm very sad to waste them in Best Buy. It is the worst decision ever in my life and I won't touch Best Buy anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $994.

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they know the employees lie the EMPLOYEES are told to lie to you anything to get the sales. Punishment for not up selling you is no hours no job, no food, no rent, no life.

it is a dog dog world at this place.

they even lie to the employees you will get this bonus at the end of the month they even tell managers they will get bonus based on this up selling then they screw them. dog dog company

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