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I have a new phone and I needed to buy a protective case for it. I live in Valdosta, GA and was going to Books a Million to buy my daughter a book and she said that we should go to Best Buy to buy a protective case. I vowed to never return to Best Buy because I have never been there that I didn’t get angry the number of employees…everywhere but never one available to help you.

And what’s the deal with the person standing in the door when you come inside? Certainly not there to help me because today this lady is busy working on something on the computer, never acknowledging my presence standing before her.

So I am searching, on my own for my phone case never getting anyone to come by and assist, and then I carry my selection past the lady at the door, who now has four other employees standing around her laughing and looking on her computer.

I walk up to a register to check out, and the fellow standing there is….on a computer doing something. He never acknowledges me and then walks away to the room back of the registers. The other girl is checking someone out, so I assume that with all the playing around the front, there must be someone to check me out. When I turn to go, the girl behind the register asks if she can help me. I turn back and tell her the story of never getting any customer service in Best Buy and how disappointed I always get and how I would not have entered today if my daughter had not insisted that I give Best Buy another chance. I tell her that had she not spoken to me, I would have left without purchasing anything. Her response? Just a dumb stare. I suggested that she tell me that at least she were sorry and she said, “I’m sorry”.

So then I pointed out to her that the fellow standing beside her never acknowledged me and that there were a huge number of folks standing at the front, laughing and playing and here is a customer trying to check out and I have to wait to spend $24.60. She apologized again.

So in the future, I will not be shopping at Best Buy, regardless of the situation. I will not spend another penny at a Best Buy. I will do what I should have done today and buy my item from EBay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They love to ignore you at Best Buy. The person by the front door generally doesn't acknowledge customers.

Their job is to make sure that there is nothing stolen, to check receipts when people leave, etc. But I've been in the computers department and the television department, cash in hand, and ignored every time I go in there.


So you know, the employee standing at the front is the asset protection employee. Their job is to prevent theft and as such they are unable to assist customer with anything more than simple questions.

But that is ridiculous that no one came up and rang you out earlier. Most best buys are not like that.

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