Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I purchased a new 55 in VIZIO TV from your store in the Plymouth Meeting Multiplex on July 3, 2013. After researching I finally settled on this Vizio TV along with a Home Sound sytem and a TV stand spending well over $2,000.

HOWEVER AFTER THE PAPERS WERE SIGNED AND EVERYTHING PAID FOR I WAS TOLD THAT DELIVERY WOULD BE ON AUG. 1th 2013. No one told me this till after everything was signed and paid for a low and underhanded way to do business to say the least.

After thinking about it I went down and picked up my TV piece of furniture and asembled it myself. two day later I returned to pick up my 55 inch Vizio but was told after waiting 43 minutes someone had sold it! Frustrated your manager Vince came over and offered me another TV as a replacement and he made such a big thing about this TV was so much better than the one I originally purchased so I listened to what he had to say. The new 55 inch TV was a SONY Barava and I accepted the manager's offer. To my surprise I looked down the aisle and saw two employees packing up this floor model. When I discovered that I wasn't receiving a new TV but rather a floor model I called the deal off. Don't you think the store manager should have told me that I wasn't getting a new TV as I had originally purchased, but a floor model with only two pairs of 3D glasses, NO OWNERS MANUAL and NO BOX! Can any of your employees speak the truth? I then went into the return line and took all items off my credit card except the TV table I purchased and put together. BELIEVE ME IF I HADN'T PUT IT TOGETHER I WOULD HAVE RETURNED THAT AS WELL!

I asked a smart mouth employee Ian, If he was sure that he took everything off my credit card and he told be TWICE don't worry everything is taken care of and that I was only paying for the $289. TV Furniture that I assembled.

NOW, I receive a credit bill for $405.28 Sorry I one of those people who check their bills so I need and explanation of where the extra charges are from. I'm not surprised because the liars and cheats you must employee since I returned all my item are still trying to bleed me for some extra trumped up make believe charges. ALL I OWE IS THE MONET FOR THE TV FURNITURE $289. AND THAT'S ALL.

You can be sure that I've told everyone about your store practices and in fact I am working on an investigative TV report with a local TV station to bring this sad buying experience TO EVEN A LARGER PUBLIC STAGE. I WILL NEVER PUT MY FOOT IN THIS STORE AND REST AT EASE THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO BAD MOUTH YOUR STORE AND TELL EVERYONE HOW YOU DO BUSINESS! NO I can't understand how this store name is best buys???

I'm sure nothing will be done, but I will certainly look forward to turning my story over to a local Television station.

OH I went directly from your store and purchased everything and had it DELIVERED IN THREE DAYS! Maybe you should take some pointers from other stores and how they do business.


Monetary Loss: $110.

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Some people obsess over having it fresh out of the box. Person was getting a couple hundred if not thousand dollar upgrade but because it wasn't in a box refused it.

As for delivery I'm sorry, but if even one piece of the order is out of stock then the whole order will wait to be delivered. They don't make multiple trips.

I always ask when it will be delivered before making a purchase.


only 2 3D glasses? mine only came with 2 3D glasses as well.

though i am a bit curious, why a vizio? a Sony Bravia is a MUCH better TV in all cases.

though i do agree he should have mentioned you would be getting a floor model.


Honestly, you should have taken it. A Sony is way better than a Vizio, open or not.

And so what if it was open?! What are you going to do with the box anyway when you get home, throw it away? So it's open on the ride home, big deal. They would've wrapped it up for you, then when you got home you would've unwrapped it and cleaned it off.

At least you wouldn't have to mess with pulling a tightly packed 55" TV out of a box. And the owner's manual to any product can always be found on the manufacturer's website...

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