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Update by user Oct 30, 2013

this happened back in 2008 to 2009 and i was still fresh out of HS

Update by user Oct 29, 2013

& this has happened once every year & sense then I been trying to avoid that guy like the cold.

Original review posted by user Oct 29, 2013

I was looking at the new apple computers and tablet's so I wanted some information on them & I had trouble with this same Apple Rep before even told best buy about him many times but he still give's me *** and still at that same store. I tried telling best buy how many times this guy gots a serious attitude problem with me

It seem's like they don't give a *** I even told apple about how many times this has happened like best buy they don't give a ***

when a Royal Customer who has been buying from best buy sense he was a young adult & Some *** off who hates humanity & is an apple rep gives some 1 like me an attitude when I just wanted simple information on spec's of apple product's.

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the apple rep is put there by apple, not best buy. they sign contracts and whatnot so best buy cant fire him or move him to another department as he is technically working for apple in best buy.

to get info on apple products you are much better off going to an apple store/apple website/different store even. though even google was very useful for this stuff back in 2008 FYI.


WORST BUY. Not sure why you would go into a STORE where you know they are unhelpful but you did and you GOT WHAT they always do Worst buy. wORST BUY AND DID I SAY WORST BUY


I like this guy:D


You wanted info on Apple you went to a brick and mortar store. Jsus *** chrst its 2013 - GOOGLE IT, omg.

You will find more info on any computer in 30 seconds than you could standing in the store for a lifetime. This is completely your fault.

@This is completely your fault

yeh well this happened back in 2008 to 2009 and i was still around the ages of young 20s.


And you still haven't grown up. You revealed your snotty attitude when you wrote "some 1 like me " So attitude is OK for the lowly but not someone like you. By the way, start speaking, acting, and writing like an adult and you may be surprised at the respect you get.


wow this coming from a russian in the US it's called free right of speech unless you want to be a *** who is out of line.


Still got Trolled you *** :D

@This is completely your fault

Your a complete *** :D


"when a Royal Customer who has been buying from best buy sense he was a young adult" You would think royalty would have staff to take care of this sort of thing.


eh you think but eh bestbuy is corporate


Got Trolled :D

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