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I bought my computer at Best Buy. There was a few glitches.

take a while to start up, i can't always get the battery and internet buttes to work at the bottom right side. things i can deal with. what i can't deal with when when three of my keys quit working. the G H and back space.

It was *** annoying. so i brought it in and they said they would service it free of charge. they did. to bad the employee who took it was awful.

he just wanted to get me out of the door.

it also taking me forever to get my computer back. Best Buy stop selling junk that will break with in the first six months and stop using your delivery service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Best Buy Cons: Service or the product.

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A couple of things: first, you really need to re-take that 4th grade English composition class as your missive is rather lacking in correct grammar. Second, you do know that Best Buy does not make the computers they sell, don't you?

Blame the manufacturer for any problems. You have a warranty period on it to take care of these problems.

If Best Buy doesn't make it right, then contact the manufacturer. But, do take that English class ASAP.

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