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I dont even know how to describe my experience I had during weekend. So I'll just explain what happened one by one, and want to ask you what you think about this situation. Here is my fun story.

- I traded-in iPhone 5 and iPad 3 at the local Best Buy store for $410 on Thursday(10/23).

- Made a purchase of new iPad Air 2 from and checked the option to pickup in-store that is 30min away from my house.(the only available store to pickup on 10/24th)

- Received an email claiming that my item is ready to be pickup.(Friday 24th)

- On the way, I got a call from bestbuy associate, saying there was a problem with the system and item is not there.

- Told me to come by Saturday(25th) morning because they will received the item in the morning.

- On Saturday afternoon, I drove to Bestbuy@Orange(1hr drive with traffic). Guess what? they dont have my item.

- I had to wait 1 hour and half, then the manager was able to hold my item in different bestbuy store that is 20min away.(Bestbuy@fullerton)

- For some reason, they cancelled my first order(one I placed online), then asked me to bring my gift card in order to make a different transaction so that I can pick it up at other store.

- I told them its in the trashcan in my house, but they said they cant do anything since the money went back to my gift card. (****Remember this part)

- After wrestling for about 30min, manager suggested me to pay with different payment method(cash/card), and once i get home, bring the gift card to nearest bestbuy and they'll refund my $410 that is on the gift card.

- So I paid remaining value($410) with my debit card.

- Drove to bestbuy@fullerton, i was able to pickup my new iPad. BUT my credit card was charged 3 times. I asked why, and they had no idea. But promising that other 2 charges will go back to my credit card.

- Came back home, picked up my gift card and went to the bestbuy to get a refund. But the staff told me I cannot get the money refund from the gift card. Saying its impossible to do that in their system.

- After wrestling for another hour, their solution was to refund money that I paid with my debit card($410), and use the gift card.

- My gift card had $0 remaining balance and they could not proceed. After 30min of battling, they found out that my first transaction was NOT cancelled. So they proceed to cancel my first transaction, but for some reason it only have $380 remaining balance instead of $410.

- They discounted $30 to cover it up, but I lost $30 worth of reward points because of that.(personally I was so tired that I didnt care anymore)

- Today, the 27th, I received the money back to my credit card, on the first charge ONLY. Second charge, I have no idea where that came from and didnt get money back yet. and the third one is final transaction so it should stay as is.

- Went to local bestbuy to figure out what that 2nd charge is and see if im getting the money back for that charge. They could not find the transaction in their system. Even with my phone number, credit card, or whatever, they only see 2 transactions in their system including the first one(got refunded) and the 3rd one(final purchase).

- They asked me to speak with the bestbuy corporate number because they'll have better system to look through the whole payment system.

- Came home, called them, they told me to go to nearest local bestbuy store to solve it since local bestbuy has better system than call-in customer service.

So now, Im sitting here, staring at the wall, and think what I did wrong in my life. What did I do to deserve this? I have no idea..

in case if anyone wonder, I went out to pick up my iPad at 12pm and came home at 7pm. Without doing anything else than picking up my iPad, wasted 7 hours just on Saturday.

Attachment - book of receipts I got from bestbuy.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Pros: Staffs were nice.

Best Buy Cons: Their whole system is corrupted.

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Best Buy corporate will give you meaningless apologies instead of a genuine apology. They should also throw in 10,000 reward points for your troubles.


Seems like the more convenient they try to make things the more obtuse it becomes. What happened to the good old days - go to store, buy something, go home. To be honest though, this is what happens when you chase "iStuff" around...


No this is what happens when you try to buy things online and pick them up in store. When you have employees that could care less about you or what your trying to get.....All I know is the problem starts from the top... I think it's time for them to get a new CEO.

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