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Their ads are misleading and misrepresenting...I went in a few years ago to buy a laptop for my boyfriend bc their ad said it had blu-ray rom, but of course the same model they had in the store did not come with it. They just said sorry it was "misprinted" and we can't do anything about it. I wrote a review on their page and they didn't publish it because they didn't want anyone to know the truth. So I stopped going until recently...and of course I was disappointed!!

Their return policy IS terrible too! Recently, their sales representative sold my mom many useless things that I do not need. She bought them for my birthday and upon receiving them, I tried to return them, but the return date passed a couple of weeks after the 15 day policy. They have a policy that will allow their rewards member an extension, but their return department at the store will not allow me to return it simply because of their 15 days policy--they leave it up to their manager to decide. I've been their rewards program member since 2003, but they refused to allow me to return them. The items were never opened or used. I even wrote to them and showed them pictures after going into the store--of course they gave me the run around like to call them or go to a store, which I did call and go again without any luck.

However, the person who was returning their item that has been melted because they left it in the sun was allowed to have their item end returned even though it passed the 15 days policy as well. This is a discrimination as the manager allowed for that transaction while denying mine when mine was in perfect condition. I can even provide the approximate time and date for them to check the security cameras for proof.

I do not recommend anyone to purchase anything with them and seeing that their rating is so bad by other buyers, I can see why!!!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Representative.

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Simon IS a Best Buy shill. He has been on this site for at least 2 years.

He used to get pissed at some guy who used to give legal advice against BB. I wish that guy would come back.


The other customer probably had a protection plan. Duh.


A 15 day return policy is industry standard. Stop buying and returning things and you won't have a problem. Also, you should learn what the word "no" means.


Hey Simon, then why id the other person get to return their stuff?

Work at BestBuy, Simon? Toss your boss's salad much?

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