Poor Customer Service. Period! | Best Buy in Kansas City, Missouri

I was at the Best Buy in Liberty, MO, purchasing a tablet accessory. Now I do have to say that the sell associates by the computers are helpful. Almost too helpful. (Sometimes I need just a few minutes to sleep.) No real problems there. It's the cashiers that are horrible. A customer cut in line of two other patrons waiting to check out and the cashiers did nothing about it. Nothing. The other patrons had to handle the situation. And by the time I made it to the cashier had the audacity to pretend it was not her job to look-up a price that had rung up wrong. Imagine actually expecting an employee at Best Buy to actually do her job!
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They price match. At my local best buy they even will do Amazon.com. And even their own website, unlike Walmart.


So the fact that the cashier didn't price check something is too much for you? They call people to check the price.

It's idiotic for anyone to just leave a register for a price check.

Also, if someone's cutting in line, that's not BestBuy's fault. That's the fault of the parent of the person who cut you in line for not teaching their child patience, or common courtesy.

Figure out who is actually being *** before complaining about the wrong people.

John N

I have said it before and will do so again---Best Buy is no longer the place to go for much of anything. Not only are their prices too high on most items, but as you experienced, the quality of their customer service and cashiers is now on a par with WalMart.

I do agree with you about the people in the computer area. I too have always found them to be knowledgeable and helpful.

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