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I attempted to schedule an appointment for speaker wiring relocation and repair to my home theater system via the 1-800 number. Oh, that needs to be done face-to-face in the store.

Make 30 mile round trip to Best Buy store, make appointment. (In the process, find out Geek Squad is now splintered into various silos within BB who based on my experience, do not talk to one another - merely a sideshow in this situation.) Promised a call the day before appointment to narrow down AM or PM. OK. Call comes as promised day before, promise of AM arrival and another call "day of" would lock down a 2 hour arrival window.

Day of, 11:00AM, no call yet. Call Best Buy store, yep, you are on the schedule and the tech will call you as he is leaving prior appointment. 1:30, no call from tech, we are now past AM and the promised 2 hour window call, so I call Best Buy again. Hmm, sorry, now can't help you.

Call the 800 number. I do, speak with at least 3 people, all of whom ask me for my name, address, phone number (BTW - lousy internal customer hand-off process), finally speak to a sympathetic soul. Attempts to call tech and tech's supervisor, no one answers the phone. She says she'll email both and have one of them contact me.

Viola - at 2:50P, I get a call from the tech "I am on my way!" from a town at least one hour away, if there is no traffic. I said sorry, I now need to reschedule, having based my day on the AM arrival expectation. About 3:15P, I go back through the 1-800 labyrinth of 3x names, address, phone number, to speak to a "new on the case" phone center employee who flat out says he cannot take ownership of rescheduling the appointment because the tech needs to turn in the paperwork first. I asked to speak to his super about 30 minutes ago now, still have not heard back.

Nothing like blowing a beautiful Pacific NW summer Saturday getting the runaround from a bunch of emotional illiterate Geeks.

Is it too much to ask the tech to dial ten digits and say "I am running late, sorry" or "I will not be able to make it today?" I get that the work GS does it hard to predict, but civility is easy to dispense, i.e. if you set an expectation and will not be able to deliver, friggin' call. They offered a $50 gift certificate - 2x!

- for my trouble. I told them to keep it and reinvest it in training for better customer service.

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I do not understand your complaint. He called and said he was on his way but you but you were pouting and told him not to come.

Whenever I call for service insallation or repair I plan on waiting the whole day because you do not know what could happen. Your window is only an estimate and if someone else takes more time then you have to wait. I would have let him come and do the installation.

But I am a grown up and not a baby who stuck his lip out and said I am not being treated like the most important person in the world so i will just tell him not to come. Grow up