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I’m writing to let you know HOW VERY upset I am over my recent purchase of a 40” Samsung TV – after discussing with the Samsung rep “Carlos” advising him that the main purpose of the purchase is to attach headphones so that the TV sound at night does not bother me while sleeping and allowing my boyfriend to watch tv - Carlos advised us that any cheap headphones would work – this is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT!! After calling Samsung and re-visiting the store in Albany NY – we were advised that we need to buy $100 headphones to make this work. Now is too late to return the TV and we’re STUCK with it!!! All the staff at the Crossgate’s store and Carlos could tell us - SO SORRY!!!! -

I have spend over $1000 at that store in the last month – purchasing a Samsung galaxy Tab 3 recently – and Christmas coming I’m sure I would have spend much more – NOT NOW!!! I will never purchase from Best Buy again – I will cut up my best buy credit card - I know I WILL NOT be buying the headphones from – Best Buy or Samsung!!


Monetary Loss: $590.

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Best Buy is awful. I was passed from person to person who couldn't answer my simple question.

While on hold I had to listen to commercial after commercial saying the Best Buy should be nominated for the first opening in the Blessed Trinity. What don't BB employees identify themselves?

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