I go into Best Buy in Eagan MN to Buy a TV that they were advertising but they ran out and wouldn't sell me the display model I asked them why and they said we just can't sell it they should have enough TV's to sell to the consumer they only had like 20 of those tv's...
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"they should have enough TV's to sell to the consumer they only had like 20 of those tv's to go around that is total BS" Is this your first time shopping Black Friday? This is how all the big items everyone wants work out, they have a limited amount and even say so in the ad.

Also 20 is pretty generous many times they only have 5 or so. And if you think Target or Walmart don't operate the exact same way on Black Friday you are in for a rude awakening.

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Sell me a tv at that price$129.00 43 inch

Bestbuy Order Pick-up service @ store 1463 really sucks!!! | Best Buy in Saint Paul, Minnesota

I ordered a playstation 3 online from Bestbuy to pick-up at Shakopee store (#1463). Guess what? After I waited for one and half hour at the store, they told me that my order was cancelled. But they could sell the same item if I would pay in store and go to deal with the online order to get my refund later. But I used a gift card combined with my credit card to order this item. I do not want to keep this gift card any more. So Bestbuy asked me to go home deal with Bestbuy online. When I called Bestbuy, they put me on hold for 45 minutes and after 3 representatives, I still did not get an answer how to refund my gift card. Bestbuy did not care value customer time at all. This is the worst experience I have had as a customer in the United States.
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"This Guy", you are completly wrong. How would you know how best buy ordering systems work?

For online purchases, only the customer or an online rep. can cancel the order. In-store associates do not have that power. They can;t even call an online rep.

and cancel it. The rep. will ask to speak with the customer, as they have to have authorization from the purchaser.

If the customer did not cancel it, the only other way it would happen, is if the billing information could not be verified. Don't talk about things you know nothing about.


All retailers have the same rules when it comes to gift cards. They have to, because cashing out gift cards is considered money laundrying.

Every gift card or digital cash card (iTunes, Xbox/PS3/Wii points, Farmville points, etc.) says the exact same thing, generally first line. Not redeemable for cash.

Doesn't matter who it comes from.

How ever your paid with your order is how it is refunded. It's not up to the retailer to change your form of payment during a return.

This G

If the item is ordered online for an in-store pick up, then the store is the one that canceled it. Chances are, some brainless part-timer who doesn't care didn't feel like looking for your order.

You should raise a stink in the store with the manager, but don't go in there swearing left and right. They're trained to be d-bags to anyone who starts swearing, which in a way is the right thing to do because if you go around *** in everyone's cheerios you can't really expect them to be your bff.

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Stopped in Best Buy in Mankato, MN to purchase a Nikon D90. The sales person working with me couldn't get logged into the computer. Promised to call me back in the afternoon before I left town. After 6-hours and return trip back to the store, someone else took the time to located a camera at another store. It seems the staff wasn't interested in selling me a $2,000 packaged deal. I received an email a few days later saying the camera was ready for pickup. I made a special trip only to be told they have to trick their computer system into thinking it was at the store. They were sorry that no one told me I would be receiving a bogus email from the company. They would not offer a small discount on camera accessories, I was told if I wanted to file a complaint against the store it wouldn't go anywhere. A manager agreed with my comments that I was "*** out of luck" and needed to buck up and shut up and pick the camera up after they call me. If they weren't the only rodeo in town where I could purchase a Nikon D90 I would not be buying from them.
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