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Christmas morning not so fun thanks to Best Buy

On 12/13/11 we purchased two tablets from Best Buy for our children 10 and 12 years old. We were told these were guaranteed shipping by Christmas. Then we returned items that these tablets were replacing. On 12/19 I called 888-BESTBUY asking why I have not received shipping information yet. After being on the phone for 47 minutes and placed on hold several times, I was told that my items were scheduled to be shipped at some point that day. The man I spoke to said they may have already been shipped, but if not they would go out my the end of the business day. I thought, Great. It is close but they are on there way. 25 hours before Christmas I get an e-mail that Best Buy does not have these tablets in stock and expect them in 4-5 weeks. Wonderful, lets just celebrate Christmas in 4-5 weeks. Best Buy should have never sold items that they did not have in stock to ship. Now I have to try to replace these on Christmas Eve and still stay within our budget. This will definitely make me never order any thing else from Best Buy. In my opinion they think this is acceptable. As a consumer I fell they should be ashamed of themselves.
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You are a bad parent and need to teach yourself some morals, you were taught wrong so shame on your parents and to put a "block" on your childs computer just deems you untrustworthy of your children and just shows you have no control over them


Find the tablets elsewhere (cheaper if you can) and cancel your order, call your credit card company and challenge the charges, if they've already charged you, they shouldn't have if the product hasn't shipped. Let them know you never received the merchandise.

There are plenty of places you can get these tablets not just Best Buy, don't give them your business. Write a letter to their headquarters, it works, I did the same thing for a problem I had with them.


Children - what is wrong with you? Got nothing better to do than reply to posts here?

when you are old enough to buy something with your hard earned cash, you expect it to be delivered when you are told it will be delivered. You also expect the item to be available unless you're actually told its back ordered. That's part of the responsibility of running a business. When these rules aren't followed you have a problem and customers complain, they have the right to.

Who are you to judge what a parent decides to get their children? You actually proved your own point by posting like you have on here. Shame on you, if your parents knew they should place a block on your computer from going to most sites so you don't cause problems.

Or maybe your parents use the computer to keep you busy so they don't have to deal with you. Shame on you and shame on them!


Kids that age don't need tablets anyway. They'll just break them.

Get them something they need like books to read.

No wonder Americas kids are so dumb these days. They're spoiled with things they don't need and don't know how to use.

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