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Computer | Best Buy review from Lansing, Michigan

Tryed to contact costumer at best buy headquarters and was hung up on 2 times by costumer service.
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Best Buy Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Inconsistent Products | Best Buy review from Lansing, Michigan

This is not necessarily specific to this particular best buy, but I'm frustrated enough to just vent on any outlet. I am having an extremely frustrating serious of events with purchasing a Smart TV from Best Buy. I first purchased a Samsung TV and it immediately had all sorts of issues. I returned it and it was sent out to have its complete mother board repaired among other things. Once back, it was still slow, but functional until a couple months later when it began randomly turning itself off. I brought it back to the store again, and after a long discussion, and getting conflicting information between the geek squad in-store vs. call center, the the store took it back for credit rather than making me go through another repair send off (since they won't do in house service for TVs of 32"). I do appreciate that adjustment to store policy the geek squad manager took. So then I bought another TV online since I had store credit and therefor couldn't reasonably switch vendors. Before I ordered, I specifically called to be sure that it had the ability to run amazon prime and Of course when it arrives, it can't run This is frustrating enough I don't particularly want to go through another round of returns, research and calls that may or may not give me the right information or product. Now, a couple weeks later, his new TV also will not consistently recognize my wireless network. No other the device (laptop, iphone, ipad) is having any difficulty, but some days this TV will recognize the network, and some days it will not. It doesn't make a difference if I move it next to the router... this is ridiculous. The response so far from Best Buy corporate has been "First and foremost, we want you to know we understand how critical customer service is to the success of every business. It reflects what we are as a company and what we can offer to our customers that others can't. What you've experience with one of our stores and over the phone with one of our agents are not typical of Best Buy's customer service. . That being said, we assure you that this is just a one-off incident that will not happen again in the future. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and thank you for your endearing patience and continued patronage." Whether or not this is "not typical of Best Buy's customer service", the experience I am having is beyond frustrating. Needless to say, this experience has soured me towards Best Buy for future large electronics purchases.
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Bad quality

Best Buy sold phone and services to impersonators

On February 19 I received a yahoo email thanking me for adding 3 new lines and upgrading my phone to a Verizon Edge on February 15, 2015. I did not make or authorize these transactions. The upgrade resulted in a financing transaction of $750 of which Verizon is charging me $31 per month, for which I have no intention of paying. The have deleted the new lines that were added to my account but indicated that I would have to file a police report with your office in order to file a fraud claim. I also have no intention of paying. I will pay only what I have been paying. I called Verizon wireless and while talking to the fraud department I learned the name, address and phone number where this transaction took place. The transaction took place at a Best Buy located at 3150 New Center Pointe, Colorado Springs, CO 719-597-9519. Best Buy gave this person a new Verizon Edge phone. Verizon Wireless and Best Buy have both been contacted and agree that this is a fraud matter. This is my official police complaint to have this investigated. It is only my unprofessional opinion that this crime was committed by Best Buy in Colorado Springs. I just found out that a similar but more costly crime was committed purchasing AT&T services in my name on the same day at the same Best Buy. I am willing to prosecute perpetrator, Verizon, AT&T and Best Buy.
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Not being a fan of Best Buy and my opinion is that the company is sleazy, You do not have a case against them. You are a victim of identity theft.

File a police report and notify all three credit bureaus. Don't expect the police to look for the thief.

Nine million people per year are victims like you. Also you might want to think about freezing your credit reports.

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Let the company propose a solution

Best Buy rips off kids!

We purchased a laptop for our son. Within 2 wks the computer crashed. We sent it in to be repaired. It did not work properly when we got it back and then crashed again in a little over a week of having it back. I went to Best Buy again and they said it would cost me $70 to have them look at it or $85 to send it in to the manufacturer for repair. It cost me nothing last time and I was told it would be $30 if it ended up being a virus. When I asked why the price difference, they said the first person must have made a mistake because it should have cost $85. They said I needed to purchase an external drive and run the restore on the cd that came with the computer. I purchased the cd drive and tried to run the program. An error came up stating that there was a problem with the external drive or hardware such as the hard drive (which is the part that had to be replaced last time.) or the cd drive was faulty . I tried the cd drive out on another computer and it works fine so it must be a hardware problem. I went to Best Buy again and said I wanted a replacement or my money back. I was told that that has to be authorized by the manufacturer and Asus would have to give me a number stating replacement or refund. I called Asus and they said they could repair it, but that if I wanted a refund or replacement that I had to talk to the retailer that took my money. They have no such authorization number. I called and talked to the same manager and she informed me that Best Buy sells products for the manufacturers and therefore it is the manufacturers responsibility. Best Buy is not a sales person for the manufacturer. Obviously the woman does not understand the wholesale/retail relationship. Bottom line, Best Buy sold me a faulty product and will not give me one that works or refund my money. There is absolutely no customer service after the purchase.
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Geez, do you work for best buy? The computer was not for a "little" son, he is a teenager.

It is not a virus, it is a hard drive problem. The hard drive was replaced once and when we got it back it still didn't work. The computer didn't "go" bad, it never worked right in the first place. If something happened to the computer it is my fault, but if it is junk to begin with I should get my money back.

A company should back up what they sell.

If a product does not work, it should be replaced or refunded. A small business that sells faulty products would be out of business in a heartbeat, just because a company is large they should not be allowed to sell products that do not work.


Mr. Wildwoods,

your problems are all your fault, first guessing you bought a netbook for your little son.

Why would a little boy need a netbook. and second of all Netbooks are junk. slow and pointless. Do your research instead of just going of blowing your money.

and the reason your computer broke. hello *** ur son is using it playing pointless games, obviously he uploaded a virus or worm. blame ur son for the problems. best buy doesnt sell bad computers.

people make computers bad including little sons.

god seriously people like you are ***, blame yourself next time before you blame best buy. spend an extra 69.99 on that one year warranty before you start saying best buy is bad when really your son ruined the computer.


thats why you buy extended service plans. *** happens.

it's not best buys fault, they didn't make the computer. take your anger up with asus


I can blame the company for selling me a faulty product and then not allowing a return on the thing! It is not a matter of the computer breaking, it is a matter of it not working properly in the first place! If you sell a broken product you have a responsibility to replace it or return the customers money!


Well computers usually have problems. Best Buy is a retailer not a manufacturer.

If you have a problem with the equipment its not on the person who sold it its the ones who built that should be at fault. IF they took it out of the box to check it then they would go against policy and it would void the return policy. Geek Squad is meant for a quick fix for wealthy business men and women. Unless you bought the Black Tie.

Then you are covered which you probrably foolishly ignored when it was recommended since electronics BREAK. So you cant blame Geek Squad if you didnt buy the product insurance.

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