Saturday November 16th 2013 I called my Local best buy store # 406 to request the product availability of the Xbox one Day one edition. I spoke on the phone with a person named Jason. He was extremely friendly, and told me that pre orders for the Xbox one day one...
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People preordered one long before you decided or got the money (via gift cards) to afford to - many as early as it was announced.

Sounds like you got your hopes up and made life *** when you didn't get your way.

You would not have been able to get one at GameStop on Nov 16th's wait in line on launch day or nothing at this point.

This your first console launch?

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Best Buy Gift Card

Customer Service and BEST BUY

I like the comments about Was the first..No longer the first, so Best Buy needs to train their employees about good customer service, because that is the first way to close like a Circuit City..They are no longer the only place to buy anything special. The rude and non caring managers and employees is HORRIBLE..and thank god for these blogs, lets see how long this will be accepted by consumers who spend money..I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY HAVE TO SELL WARRANTIES and if customer has problems they get black balled..keep the postings coming, because that is the only way Best Buy is going to know consumers deserve some common courtesy
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Downey Best Buy Customer service is terrible. I have placed an order on line and received an email said that my order are ready for pick up.

But when I got to the store to pick it up and the customer service cannot find my order.

After waiting about an hour and I asked to talk to the store manager about my order. But this store manager does not know what she's doing and try to give me the wrong item.

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Best buy put this pc in Black Friday ad. Toshiba-Laptop / Intel® Pentium® Processor / 17.3" Display / 4GB Memory-Matrix Graphite-L775-S7307. Their website listed it as a $999.00 computer that you could buy for $349.00 on black Friday only. Within an hour listed as sold out. Turns out that this is the everyday price anywhere for this level pc. and Best Buy's everyday price also. And it is no longer sold out later in the day. So no more shopping at Best Buy for this lost customer. Think Best Buy could come up with better scam than this.
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I almost never purchase anything at best buy since I can get much better deals at tigerdirect and newegg. However I got a pair of washer/dryer about 2 years ago which were 40-50% cheaper than anywhere including sam's club and Costco.

I got a refurbished phone with 3 receivers for 39 dollars which sold elsewhere for 100+ for refurbished ones and am still using it for over a year and a half.

I saw this same add and this laptop is not refurbished mind you. The refurbished ones sell in the 400-500 range through various sources and new ones are around 400-800 depending on where you get them from.

The 999 is misleading I assume but this laptop for this price is a steal and after seeing it on the website for about 4 days, I decided to buy it. I did a "pick up at store" option and 3 days later when I went to the store, it was ready and waiting for me.

Once you buy it online, you are locked in at that price and since the transaction goes through, they can't come up with the "we ran out of them" excuse and if they do, they are required to offer you the same or a better system for the same price. However, unfortunately in your case, they told you they were out of it.

That may be a way to lure customers into spending more money but different from other places which actually will sell "1 single item" at that price and then try to get people to pay more money for other items, Best Buy did have this item available for purchase through the internet for at least 4-5 days and that's how I got mine.

You may want to purchase it online next time and then cancel it or return it if you don't like it, but it seems to be the only way to lock that price and ensure that you do receive the item for the price you paid for it.


This is not a bait and switch. Stop trying to use that term to suit your needs just because you didn't get what you wanted. Go look up the CORRECT meaning of bait and switch dipsh1t!


Its not bait and switch, I am surprised managers give it to you.


Actually we legally can do this and its not bait and switch. If you get a manager who does not want to deal with you complaining then they will change it but we have an agreement with every computer manufacturer to optimize 30 percent of all computers we sell and we reserve the right to price what we want on a service that is defiantly worth more than what you would be paying for it.

All adds say # minimum in store. Once those are sold out then it is not bait and switch to sell you a superior computer.


For the third time, I responded to a laptop sale ad at Best Buy to find that "Oh, you're in luck, we only have one left and it's loaded with this extra stuff that's $100 more. Take it or leave it." Eventually this neanterthal brain figured it out.

If this happens to you (and it will), Find a manager (preferably on the sales floor) and say these three words very loud: BAIT AND SWITCH.

You will find that you simply misunderstood what the words "take it or leave it" mean. They mean, "please take this at our advertised price or leave it."

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Best Buy lost my 3 day old computer the end of January, it is now May 13, They still refuse to either give me a refund or another NEW in the box computer,, I have filed a Law Suit in Chattanooga TN, they have done this several times apparently previously... All i asked for was a refund of $1,500.00,,and I have all receipts or everything replaced New in unopened boxes...I filed suit for $5,000.00 in Hamilton County TN We appeared a week agon in civil court in front of Judge Moon and told Best Buy they need to either give me a refund or a NEW computer,,they still have refused to do either..
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Best buy is a joke havent bought a thing there in a year!

First best buy "repaired" my computer or so they say... i had problems and it over heated ... and finally quit.. best buy had my computer over 4 months in geek squad headquarters.. do you think they would have there *** together to call me.. let me know whats going on.. .NO... do you think that they would understand i need my computer.. after all i did have a service plan... well after months of battleing with them ..they finally offered me a computer compatable with my computer... GOOD news they gave me a piece of ***.... ASUS every heard of them no me either... its slow it is cheap and not compareable to my hp... i was so disgusted.. I have refused to shop with best buy.. my family refuses for the hassle they put me through.. however.. to them oh well but to me and others shaddy business. .. dont offer something and treat a consumer badly... i spend good money on computers i paid 1200 for my hp new and they gave me a 400 computer in exchange saying thats compareable.. .sure some spects were not the good ones... thats for sure..
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Roger, (LOL) Do you work for the Geek Squad? If not, you would be a natural!

You are a sarcastic p*ick and if I were a big black lady I would throw hot fried chicken and biscuits at your weaselly big (small-minded) head. :grin

This G

ASUS isn't that bad of a brand. When you get a cheap computer in any brand, it's going to suck. Know the specs (not spects) of what you currently have before they offer you a comparable exchange to ensure you don't get hosed.

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Never again! | Best Buy review from Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have never had such horrible customer service in my life. My sister and I purchased a washer/dryer from Best Buy. The system that they used to place our order was down at the time and we were assured that as soon as the system came up our orders would be completed. So after paying for our order we left the store thinking all was well. Issue #1 - I never heard from Best Buy everything I knew of my washer/dryer order was provided to me by my sister. If she didn't place an order I would have had no clue what was going on with my order.(BB answer - I don't know why no one has called you) Issue #2- They were going to deliver her washer/dryer to an address she hasn't lived at in over ten years. (BB answer - I don't know how that happened). Issue #3 - for 2 1/2 days no one in BB could find our order. (BB Answer - I don't know how that happened). Issue #4 - Executive relations tells me there is no form of compensation for my frustration because he felt that my sister and I were providing "conflicting information".(Basically we are liars.) I will never buy anything else from this place and I hope no one else does either. They have the WORST customer service ever!
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