Ordered online and email say will be available for pick up today. Sooooo, after 5 hours no email or text saying to pick up, waiting on hold for 9 minutes to speak to LIVE person at store, I am told it will be couple days. They have to get from another store. But wait,...
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Best Buy Shipping Service
Reason of review
Order processing issue
Best buy was the WORST buy EVER! Our washer had some sort of issue and was leaking through our ceiling. We decided to go to best buy and get a new washer. But then, we wanted a matching set. Fine. They said it would take a certain amount of days to deliver, and when it...
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Call 1-888-237-8289 and have your receipt ready. I'm pretty sure the delivery drivers were unable to satisfy your issue, so take it to the next level so that BBY can fix the process.

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Poor customer service

Best Buy Nightmare

My son purchased 50" inch television from your Utica store. Employees of Best Buy put the television in his car and when he unwrapped it the next day the screen was cracked. He took the television back to the store where he purchased it the day before and they told him that since it was carried out of the store they would not replace it or refund it. Nothing in writing indicating that this is store policy, no signature by my son. Seriously, has your store management heard of the Uniform Commerical Code, Article 2, Section 316. This store has not heard the last of this complaint. This will be escilated to civil litigation. In this down economic time when money is being spent on very few luxury items, it is shameful that a large corporation like Best Buy can't stand behind it products. I see a class action lawsuit here if there ever was one. No disclosure, no signatures just Best Buy making the laws as they go along. BAD BUSINESS.
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was it a Best Buy band TV? yeah, there's no such thing.

so it's not technically Best Buy's product. even though you're one of those *** that doesn't completely understand everything about retail, I do think Best Buy should have replaced your TV if it was during the return period.


Let me clarify, the responder who follows my comment lacks the ability to spell out whole words with that pathetic moniker.


Sisscs, I am not surprised to read of your hideous experience with Best Buy. I hope you proceed with your suit against this NO CUSTOMER CARE, greedy corporation.

The flunkies who defend Best Buy have no knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code.

They are far too busy making assumptions regarding consumer's honest accounts and can't handle the truth! Obviously responder #1 lacks the ability to spell out whole words with that pathetic moniker.


When you say "unwrapped" and not "unboxed" i assume he bought a floor model? Be a good parent and teach your son to take ownership of his actions.

This is 100% on him and you know it. I'm sure the TV was fine when it left the store!!!

David L

To duh..how many people would go to all the trouble to take a 50in Tv out of its box to check it before taking it home. Im sure YOU wouldnt have!!


It was up to you to check the TV after it was loaded into the car - while the employees were still around. Obviously someone opened the door for the BestBuy guys, so someone was there watching them load it into the car.

Obviously this happened after they loaded the tv into the car. Blame yourself, blame your son, but somebody cracked the TV and it wasn't BestBuy.

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I have been a Best Buy customer for many many years. Not just any customer, but a loyal customer. When it comes to electronics, toners, accessories, etc… Best Buy was my one stop shop. All that changed on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011. On Feburary 6th, 2010 I made a...
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Your case sounds so similar to mine! I have told everyone of how no matter what warranty I have it is always something that is not covered.

The way I solved my problem was to buy my next computer through Apple. The no questions asked warranty means exactly that and I have always been satisfied when dealing with them. Furthermore when my iPod broke way after the warranty was up they couldn't replace it for free but they offered me 20 percent off of whatever I wanted to buy to replace it!

I never buy from BB anymore and have told all my family and friends my story. Don't worry theIr sales were down 30 percent last quarter

#271181 Review #271181 is a subjective opinion of poster.
I purchased a $600 Sony 40 inch flat screen TV on March 11, 2011 along with spending a couple thousand on a computer. The TV quit working, I returned it to Best Buy this morning only to be told that there is only a 30 day warranty period and I should have bought their...
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Thanks for the Heads Up. I'll make sure never to buy a television from Best Buy.

And you were right not to buy the extended warranty. And well read person knows that 99.9% of the time they are a scam.

They should have given you another television free of charge, simply as a matter of decency and good business practice. They should follow the golden rule.

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