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Refund/ Price Match | Best Buy review from Canton, Michigan

Refund / Price Match period is only 15 days! I wish that was explained before the purchase I made. I will never shop at Best Buy again! It took me a couple of weeks before I could ever have the surround sound system installed! The system is *** but I don't want to pay again to have it taken down and a new one installed. Its on sale now and I bought it less than 30 days ago and they won't adjust the price. Very Poor Service! Plus I hate the product I bought.
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The return/price match policy is posted on the back of your receipt (just like with most major stores) and there are huge signs posted all over the store including at the front of the store. The return/price match policy has been 15 days for a couple of years now.

Also, if you are a loyalty member that is of the middle or higher tier you get an extended return/price adjustment period. If the system is *** then maybe you should've listened to it in store first.


So you don't like it, but you want it for the lower price? How is best buy at fault for your buyers remorse?

SOunds like you are just unhappy with your purchase and want best buy to pay for it. Don't blame them, and don't buy stuff you can't afford!


I BOUGHT IT SO IT WAS CLEARLY AFFORDED! The system sounds like *** I will be replacing it with a better system later.

I am okay with doing just that. However if a store lower the price in less than 30 days and you catch it they should adjust the price.

Remember I was in the store to spend more money when I saw the lower price! I don't know you but don't pretend to know my pocket book!

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Best Buy policy - BAIT AND SWITCH!

This complaint regards Best Buy's Customer Service (not the product itself). I purchased a Toshiba 40" 1080p LED TV online thru for $450 ("supposed" Deal of the Day). Both the emailed receipt and pickup notice stated item was 120Hz. However, when I collected the TV, the final receipt stated 60Hz. I went back inside the store immediately and informed staff of error. First, they tried to tell me that it probably was 120Hz, so I had to "educate" them that the box didn't specify and since receipt said 60Hz, I was 100% sure it was indeed 60Hz. After 10+ mins discussion, they confirmed that it was 60Hz, but the error was just "a typo" on the receipt. I asked for supervisor, then had to wait another 5-10 mins. Finally, he came and said the only comparable model at 120Hz was a Samsung, but that it was $650... so expected me to pay an additional $200! I asked for refund... he went away and chatted with female staff for another 5-10 mins, only to inform me that he couldn't issue a refund until NEXT DAY because I had already signed that I had picked it up, but that it hadn't been "processed" yet (due to buying online). I asked for his manager. After yet another 5-10mins wait, he came and tried to offer me a Westinghouse (which is a much lower quality product vs. Toshiba). Question: doesn't trying to make me pay for a higher priced item or getting me to accept a lower quality product sound like BAIT AND SWITCH practice?!?!?!? After having spent 1+ hours at the store, I was angry and fed up, so I asked for a refund PLUS something in writing that assured me that they would credit my account the next day (I didn't want to take the TV from store and have to return it next day). All I received was one of the manager's business cards with some scribblings on it, that I doubt anyone would understand I was owed a refund. They did however call the next day to tell me they had credited my acct (not yet verified). Moral: DON'T SIGN OR ACCEPT RECEIPT OF ANY ITEM FROM BEST BUY BEFORE ENSURING YOU'VE GOT THE RIGHT PRODUCT! And don't let them use any form of BAIT AND SWITCH. Manager's name is Adam Karras at Best Buy Westland MI store #403.
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I am sick of these stores baiting us and switching the products on us. Apparently, the employee for Best Buy doesn't know what it means or he wouldn't have said we don't know what it means.

Just another corporate stuge taking up for the company.

Thanks for the warning. I will be very careful with them.


"Question: doesn't trying to make me pay for a higher priced item or getting me to accept a lower quality product sound like BAIT AND SWITCH practice?!?!?!?"

I'm pretty sure the Bait and Switch law doesn't apply when it comes to a REPLACEMENT to something you've already bought. You're just like everyone else who throws around Bait and Switch and have no idea what that actually means.

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Best buy gift return policy sucks

Stood in line 45 minutes today to return a gift. Gift was purchased on Halloween and I had a gift receipt. Was told that the item was purchased too long ago to get even a store credit. Only 30 days on a gift? This thing is a case! Not a piece of electronics or some sort of media with a short shelf life. I would love to say I'll never shop there again, but since they've run almost every other merchant of their kind out of town, I will probably be back. (but not without exhausting every other source of merchandise I can find.) I also tried calling to cancel my reward zone card, and they hung up on me. Whatever happened to customer service. I've been mugged by friendlier people than these.
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Best Buy just lost another customer!!! Tried to return an item that was never used and I had the receipt, but their return policy is only for "eligible items purchased within 15 days".

So they would not refund or exchange or give a store credit. Now I know why they are reported to be going out of business.


Horrific customer service, receipt nor paperwork did not annotate a return policy nor timeframe, rude staff, kept trying to sell me something that I did not want, and now stuck with something that does not work well. Misleading return policy and hours on the phone with repetitive and incompetent staff.



You had to wait in line for 45 minutes to make a RETURN the day after Christmas? Ridiculous.


It's a policy , they have to do what the company wants them to. Point blank.


You were outside the return policy. Plain and simple. Best Buy did nothing wrong, they just adhered to their clearly posted policies.

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