Saturday November 16th 2013 I called my Local best buy store # 406 to request the product availability of the Xbox one Day one edition. I spoke on the phone with a person named Jason. He was extremely friendly, and told me that pre orders for the Xbox one day one...
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People preordered one long before you decided or got the money (via gift cards) to afford to - many as early as it was announced.

Sounds like you got your hopes up and made life *** when you didn't get your way.

You would not have been able to get one at GameStop on Nov 16th's wait in line on launch day or nothing at this point.

This your first console launch?

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Bad advertising and customer service in mansfield texas | Best Buy in Farmington, Michigan

Went to best buy in mansfield tx to buy my wife a ebook. Finally picked out the nook they had 2 spots for them one at 115$ and one at 249$ so I picked out the basic one for 115$. This store rep that had been helping me asked if I wanted to apply for a best buy credit card to receive a free gift card randomly valued at 5$ 10$ or 25$ and that if I got approved I would get to pick from the random basket and get a guaranteed 25$ card. So I figured I would go through the process we don't use credit cards but having them around doesn't hurt. I applied got approved and picked out my random card, and was told the other 25$ would be done at the register. No problem so far I get up to the register and the ebook nook rings up at 189$. I said no the sticker says 115 she says well this was has 3g let me get you the other one ok no biggie I will walk with you to show you we get to the spot and she says oh this is all we have the 189 or the 249 your choice sorry they just haven't put the spot up yet for the new one and we must be out of the other so they used it instead. I said ok well fine I'm getting atleast 30$ off and its got the 3g svc so fine. We get back to the register and she rings it up along with a cover that I grabbed on our price checking trip that was 15$ it rings up 47 but she just saw me get it and she goes back checks the skew and says sorry these are also in the wrong spot , fine I don't want a 50$ cover just the book is fine. We check out I hand her the random gift card and tell her about the other 25$ off the lady told me about my random card rings up a whopping one dollar gift card and she says the 25$ will be deducted off the credit card purchase. Well no that's not what yall said you said gift card I intend on paying cash and the random card was supposed to be a minimum of 5$.$ So we get the floor rep over and she explains she is sorry for the misunderstanding that she thought the minimum truly was 5$ and that the other was just taking off at the register so it wouldn't matter to call it a 2nd gift card. Ok you say your sorry but now I have 2 huge price discrepancies and a 1$ gift card someone needs to make this right but they never did I called the store the next day and asked for a manager to call me back nothing I emailed best buy and nothing so yes I am @ pissed consumer and yes I am one!
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Let me make sure I got this right:

1) You couldn't read the shelf tag that said "Basic WiFi" and the box price tag that said "WiFi + 3G".

2) You got a $1 gift card for free, and a $25 discount for using a credit card for free.

3) You couldn't read the shelf tag that said "xyz cover - $15" and the box price tag that said "abc cover - $50".

Now, you're "pissed" because:

1) They were out of the cheapest nook.

2) They were out of the cheapest nook cover.

3) You wanted $50 off a $115 purchase for signing up for a credit card and never using it, and you only got $26 off your purchase if you used the card.

Wow! You should be your 5th grade teacher. He/she should get a serious tongue lashing for:

1) Letting you pass the 5th grade without being able to read.

2) Letting you pass the 5th grade without any concept of grammar or punctuation.

3) Letting you pass the 5th grade without understanding basic business economics (hint: the reason they offer you incentives for signing up for a store credit card is because -- wait for it -- THEY WANT YOU TO USE IT SO YOU CARRY A BALANCE AND PAY INTEREST!)

Yee-haw cowboy! Better giddy-up to that there rodeo with your newfangled eReader and catch up on the latest issue of Big Truckin' Magazine. With a lack of intelligence like your's, the world will never be in short supply of rodeo clowns.

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