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Horrible customer service and absolute half-fast garbage return policy. Bought a $250 modem/router which failed after 16 days. Brought it back to store for an exchange and they told me that I'm stuck with it. MOD with zero customer service knowledge gave me the number to Motorola and told me to deal directly with them. Not only did she give me the wrong number but she was extremely rude. Motorola said to take it back to store since it has only been 2 weeks. Now I am stuck with a $250 paper weight that I cannot return due to this inept company's return policy. Buy your electronics elsewhere. Other stores offer 30-90 day returns. BB is a scam.
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At this point, the key words are "manufacturer's warranty"....not "return policy".


The key to getting customer satisfaction is persistence. Don’t give up! That’s what they want you to do by giving you the “run-around”.


Try reaching out to Motorola. The warranty is from them.


Modem has a year warranty through the manufacturer. Call 1-888 Best Buy or return the item with your receipt to the store. Unless this was a closeout/display model, it's a no-brainer.

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Poor customer service

Worst Customer Service in the HISTORY of Customer Service, Novi, MI | Best Buy in Troy, Michigan

We purchased an $847 Sharp Flat Screen TV on November 25, 2013 we put it up on the wall on November 30. My husband and I watched Spider Man (and we couldn't figure out why it looked strange), my visiting elderly dad watched a Gunsmoke/Bonanza/Andy Griffith-a-thon one Monday afternoon and then on Wednesday we watched Modern Family. During Modern Family I said to my husband, "Baby, it looks snowy." So, Baby walked around and tightened the cable on the port on the back of the television. Then he said, "This port is jacked up and loose," and he tightened the cable and it went snowy and then black. So... it's within the 15 day return period. We packed up our 10 day owned television and took it back to Best Buy in Northville/Novi, Michigan on Haggerty Road. We walked in first to ask if it WAS returnable- we threw away the box and thought that was going to be an issue. So we wait in line at the customer service counter. This is where is gets ridiculous. We wait while a twenty something boy with (I am going to describe him- keep in mind I could care less what people look like- until they turn into idiots and then I care about grooming). So, we walk up to this boy who -honest to GOD snapped a dirty lime green rubber headband around his bushy head of hair, lots of Best Buy employee had them on. He put his finger under it and snapped it. His face was greasy and he had a beard that grew from every pore at different lengths, a little like a dirty werewolf. That will be his name from here on out- Dirty Werewolf looked at my husband and I and I asked, "Are you ready, can we come over and talk to you?" Dirty Werewolf said, "Huh, yeah, okay." And we then proceeded to explain exactly what I have described above. I said, "It's under the 15 day period can we exchange it or have it fixed." Dirty Werewolf said,"Uh, I think, we have to it inspect it." Well, sure. So we went out to the car to get the TV. I asked the very nice Door Man who that boy was and he told me he was new, I told him, he was a bizarre choice for first point of contact when a customer has a problem and the Door Man said that his white shirt indicated he was new. So- my husband drags in this TV, it's pretty big and we show the Dirty Werewolf the loose cable port in the back, which he fingers and flips around in it's loose state, and again I asked- "Is it something you guys can fix or can we return it." Dirty Werewolf, "Uhhhhhh, I don't know lemme check." And he dragged the TV to the side "secret" room, where a random Best Buy employees peeked out at us from behind flappy curtains. That's always nice. Dirty Werewolf came out and said, "You need to talk to my manager," and he was soon followed by a small human I will call Rat Dog Girl (I actually know their names, but I'm not sure if that is legal). Rat Dog Girl was the manager who sympathetically came over and told me that I could not return the television that I spent nearly one thousand dollars on the previous week, but... she could offer me a deal on a new one. Yep. 60" televisions are apparently disposable for the hourly workers at Best Buy- dang, they must be paid very well for that to be a solution. The was THE solution- I had it repeated to me when I questioned Rat Dog Girl in disbelief over and over again. Then, I said, "I don't like that answer. I think one of you (pointing to Rat Dog Girl and Dirty Werewolf) probably need to find a bigger manager than you who actually cares that we just spent a thousand dollars." [Funny side note: there was this super cool French door freezer refrigerator behind us that I had fallen in love with while we were waiting in line and we are remodeling our entire house and we were thinking of what to do with our old fridge when Dirty Werewolf became "free" to talk to us. It was $2300+ and we would have bought that if this TV thing had worked out well. Well, that didn't happen]. Eventually after much more conversation peeking behind the secret room curtains, Rat Dog Girl comes out with another manager. I can't think of an ugly name to call this woman, she was actually nice and kind and thoughtful so I will just use her first initial, B. B. tells us that we broke it (we really, really did not) however, we can call the Geek Squad and it can be fixed for about $20 or we can put our cable in through different outlets on the TV (composite, component and HDMi). Well, okay, and while this is going on Rat Dog Girl pipes in over nice B.'s shoulder babbling some nonsense with some little tip about this solution. I told her to please go away, as I clearly made it obvious I did not like her and did not wish to hear her piggyback on someone else's $20 fix. B. then proceeded to write out her solution for us. We thanked her and told her that maybe the Rat Dog and the mumbling Dirty Werewolf could try to think of $20 fixes for brand new TV's that are jacked up and pissed off customers rather than "helpfully" offering us a "deal" and asking us to spend another big chunk of change. We took her solution and went to Radio Shack to buy component lines (that was our cable box + TV fix). Funnily enough, we were not the first people to come into Radio Shack that day angry with Best Buy. Apparently, according to those nice Radio Shack dudes being pleasant after someone gets mad at Best Buy earns them money every day. So we have a broken TV and we for certain know we will never go back to Best Buy, nor will our brothers or sisters or parents or friends and Best Buy DOES NOT CARE. Nice B. told us that- when I asked if they cared if they lost a customer she said no and she understood. They have POLICIES and we broke our TV. We actually didn't we just aren't TV people and didn't notice the original piece of *** we bought right away. So, my only advice as a customer here is to 1. Don't shop at Best Buy 2. Don't go to the customer service representative that doesn't groom (Dirty Werewolf AND Rat Dog Girl could have both used a good scrubbing). If he or she doesn't care about how they appear as a professional they probably don't care much about you either. [Keep in mind- you can be as creative looking (tattoos, piercings, whatever) as you want as long as you are clean, too] and finally 3. If a stores first solution is for you to spend more money when your purchase is within the specified timeframe RUN LIKE THE WIND. 4. If the customer service team blatantly talks about you to her coworkers (yep this for you Rat Dog) stand on the counter and demand your money back or a nice long talk with Mr. Best Buy Himself. God Bless that nice B. woman and the cool guy at the front door, they are on a LOSING TEAM if Rat Dog Girl and Dirty Werewolf are any indication of the slovenly, unpleasant (I promise I started out with Dirty Werewolf as a "more flies with honey" attitude) and ineffective CUSTOMER SERVICE representatives for Best Buy. Worst Buy. Worst Customer Experience. I hope B. moves over to Costco where it's like Disney World for customers compared to Best Buy. The customer may not always be right, but sometimes we are and we always deserve the path of least resistance not a kick in the crotch of our wallet.
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Nope we didn't and the guy said "yeah these are jacked up" (we weren't the FIRST) and we have no shame- for NICKNAMES? Would you rather I said their actual names?

Now THAT would have been unkind. You, whatever fella, can call whoever crosses your path WHATEVER you want. Haha, get it. Like you've never called a bad driver a ***?

Doubt it.

Hmm- is this a "personal attack" on my bad experience? Whatever,


I'm going to go ahead and agree that you should be ashamed of yourself for your little nicknames. Also, the fact of the matter is that you likely did damage the TV.

Those things are soldered in. They don't just up and pop off.


*been pleasant not invented plea- sorry weird spell check error


I'm not ashamed of my self because I can actually say what I want when I want to colorfully describe someone based on their physical attributes. If they had been kind and loving people I would have invented plea an descriptive names like "fuzzy, cuddly bear" and "tiny, adorable wood fairy"- they were jerks they got ugly names.

They can call me what they want, too. Good name or bad name, I could care less- America and having an opinion- very cool country!


I think you have a valid complaint, but its disgusting to me the way you refer to people as "rat dog girl" and "dirty werewolf". You should be ashamed of yourself


:grin :grin :grin


worst buy it the right name for this place. They must go sledding o the TV before they sell them to customers.

How can so many TV that they sell be junk. Maybe they buy the SECONDS

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Cancelled item ordered 11/28, two days before Christmas | Best Buy in Taylor, Michigan

I ordered a blue ray player Sunday prior to cyber Monday, still didn't have 11/23 only to receive an email that they had cancelled my order. I even called two weeks prior to this, stayed on hold for 20mins while waiting for a service rep, who confirmed that it was back ordered but I should have it in two weeks. Then of course, I get this email stating , sorry, your order is cancelled. If you were going to cancel this, did it really take you 3.5 weeks to do this??? Thanks, now I have new blue rays for my children on Christmas that they won't be able to watch. Who wants to deal with the mall chaos, this is why I ordered on line, Thanks a lot!!!
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Anon can't help it. He's a sad BestBuy employee who makes excuses rather than fessing up. That's why they'll be bankrupt within 2 years and their shares dropped 40% in 2011.


This post is for Anon I am sure if you were a business owner and wanted to keep your customer happy you would have provided an alternative,granted these things happen.just imagine your toilet overflowing and I cancelled my appointment without any notice now is that fair to you, so don't be so quick with the excuses. :)


I wouldn't be so quick to blame this on bestbuy. They may have been told they were receiving more from the manufacturer and they did not follow through. Happens all the time.

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