Best Buy ? I don't think so! All the consumer complaints about Magic Jack and Best Buy tells you to take your complaints to Magic Jack...Good luck with that! Magic Jack has 100's if not thousands of complaints of the product not working and not able to give...
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A product, and product, that has such a large percentage of it's customers dissatisfied, should be investigated by ANY retailer looking to sell (support)that product.

The sad thing is that if it were a faulty toaster that would explode and burn down a house, I do think that places like BB & WM would stop selling them. MJ is 'only' providing sub-standard service & support, and, ripping people off! I gues that's okay for BB & WM, and the other retailers.

I look forward to your letters (as Craig Ferguson would say).

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Best buy warranty scam on sale items

3 years ago I purchased a Sirius radio (sportster 4) on sale for$121. The sales person was more than happy to explain how these radios are fragile and I should get an extended warranty. He then proceeded to explain that I can use this warranty for a brand new replacement even if I just didn't like the way it looked anymore.. or smashed it... any reason Best Buy will make it right and give me a new unit, the upgrade to this unit was going to come out in 2 months and he said the coolest thing is when the new one comes out if there isn't any of these in stock they will automatically give me the upgrade. Three years later and my unit is experiencing a power issue that is the fault of the power adapter for sure seeing the radio works on my boom box, but hey it's time to cash in my 4 year warranty and enjoy an upgrade that I was promised when I bought this item. I went to the store with all of the original items and pieces of this radio and explained the situation and showed them my receipt. they then walked me back to the car audio department and picked out the new upgrade sporter 5, only difference is a color screen. The retail price difference is $10 from the one I originally purchased. They began to ring me up for the exchange , the way they explained it I would have to pay the difference between the two which sounded fair to pay the $10 difference from the old one being 149.97 and the new one 159.97. No, here comes the horror story... they want me to pay the total sale price difference between the old one and the regular non sale price of the new one... almost $60. So I asked for the store manager, she then grabbed out the black tie book and underlined in it the line about price difference. So I was going to be penalized cause I bought this radio on a great sale price and because this specific week the radio I need to exchange for is not on sale I have to pay the whole difference, so Now I sit with a radio and have to watch the Best Buy ads for a great sale like I found when I originally purchased this. I was very calm and collected this and went to the original Best Buy I bought this from seeing they gave me a story about how returns hurts their stores numbers and maybe the store I bought it from will help me out more... HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE SO FAR from the 28th street location in Grand Rapids, MI.. went to the Walker, MI location and they sent me to the Geek Squad who explained the exact same thing to me and wanted me to pay the total sale to non sale difference.. and this guy thought he'd give me an analogy.. well if you buy a car and drive it you can't expect for you to get an exact new one without paying fees.. and I gave him one of mine.. so you're saying if I buy a washer and dryer set and they go out during the warranty period if I bought them on sale I'd have to get the model down from the one I researched and carefully purchased or have to pay a difference just because the new model is out? Basically told me there is nothing he can do this is policy.... Well, I plan to tell as many people about this.. I will also be making copies of my receipt and a copy of the best buy terms in their warranty booklet and I will not be standing in line this year for the Black Friday Sale I hope many of you will print this out and bring it to the store with you and show this to the sales rep when they try to sell you the warranty.. unless you're paying regular price.. you'd be better off buying it from the manufacturer.
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I was promised a free battery after one year with black tie protection. I went to collect on the battery and was told to call the AAA-BEST-BUY.

I Would just have to give my serial number Btb number to collect my free battery. I was asked if my barrery was defective. I said no. I was told my battery had to be defective and that they just do not give out free batteries.


Then it would have been covered under black tie! I was totally scammed!


My wife and I had a Sony laptop with a 3 year accident warranty. We took it back several times to get it fixed and finally after about 2 1/2 years they just let us replace it.

So we went and picked out another Sony laptop for $799.99 but when we took it to the counter they said they were only going to be giving us 299.99 credit because that's what a laptop "comparable" to our old broken one would cost today. I was livid, the *** warranty was 299.99 alone when I bought it. Well needless to say that we rejected that offer and fought with the geek squad guys for about an hour before leaving. The next day we took our problem to the store manager and she apppoved the 799.99 credit in about 30 seconds.

I think that there is some kind if incintive plan or something in place that pushes the low level employees to avoid issuing refunds and returns.

We asked why he was so insistant that we only be given a 299.99 refund and she said that "that's our new policy but since yours was bought several years ago we can't be sure what policy was in place at the time". Even though we came out of this deal ok I deffinatley see the potential for huge losses and we will never buy a best buy warranty again.


Some people should not be allowed to buy electronics, or even use them.

This person qualifies for that rule.


Do you have problems with your Black Protection Plan?

I am an investigator with the law firm of David P. Meyer & Associates Co., LPA.

Our firm has been researching a potential class action case against Best Buy regarding alleged misrepresentations of their Black Tie Protection Plan. If you have been affected by this, and are willing to assist with our investigation, please contact me at 1-866-827-6537 or and fill out a form so that our firm can evaluate your situation.


I think you should just shop at circuit city oh wait they are gone..... walfart is way worse they dont cover ***.sears is a joke so for you sir stick to ebay and I hope your house gets hit by a huge power surge and all of you electronics die on you!!!!!!!


You paid $121... You pay the difference... Simple math.

Why should you get a credit of more than you paid?

I can't stand *** people...


OP was willing to pay the difference between what he originally paid and the newer replacement. However, his point was that the comparable model to replace his defective one was on sale, and they wouldn't give him the sale price.

I don't think OP should be discriminated from taking advantage of a sale price because he utilized his warranty, which he had to buy to begin with.

And Best Buy makes a killing on these warranties - I'm sure they sell thousands of them and a claim is never made. That's FREE money to BB.

I purchased one of their warranties and I'm still within the timeframe to return it, which I think I will. Doesn't seem worth the trouble.


Always look at the fine print. you paid 121 dollars and you got your 121 back 3 years down the road, what is the problem? because i don't see it.

I happen to love Best Buy's black Tie, the geek squad can be a bit taxxing at times but the over all peace of mind i have is worth it.

My TV had a loose conection in hte HDMI port and they came to fix it. took about a week and all was well. when my son buped the TV a few mounths later causing the same problem only worse they came back and ran some test then approved me for an exchange. and yes i had to pay the diffrence when i picked out a new TV that was more expencive then the first one i had.

but what do you expect to do give you what ever you wanted for free because you broke something?

then what is to stop you from getting a 19" TV with the protection plan tossing some water on it and demanding a 55" replacment?

some times you have to be reasonabul.


It is unfortunate that your original salesman said what they did. it seams that person might not have liked their job.

the protection plan you paid for will cover many difrent types of malfunctions or damages so your products can get FIXED! if they can't fix it they will replace it with a comparibul product.

Or, like said by BTNO you can opt for a refund during your plan and get back the mony you paid.

you are not limited to getting the same make or model.


You are not understanding your plan. They offer you a store credit for your product, basically a 4 year plan gets you what you paid for the product in the form of store credit.

If you want to go with a new model you can and will pay a difference. Now a service plan after the 4th time a product is brought in the Service plan can be used towards a comparable product with similar features.

If it happens to be a color screen whatever you can get it. Second read your pamphlet I don't understand why you'd take somebody's word on something like a warranty knowing the fine print has exclusions exceptions whatever.Best of Luck.

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Best Buy won't extend warrenty

I purchased a 5 year extended warrenty at Best Buy on my kitchen appliances and washing machine. I purchased them as a package so they wrote the warrenty up as a package also. My warrenty expires next month so I called them wanting to renew the warrenty and they said that is not an available option. They said that I can't purchase a warrenty for any of them because they were purchased as a "package" and not as individual plans. I have had them out 10 times over the past five years! The junk they sell needs a warrenty!! Never buy from them ever!!
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oh noes, they won't extend my warranty? whatever will i do now?

really wake up, go shop somewhere else so normal rational people don't have to deal with you.


so if you did get the warranty, what would happen after ANOTHER 5 years pass? would you try to get another one?



HOOOO BOY! Where can I buy an EXTENDED warrenty that covers my purchases FOREVER!!! Some people...........


Gee, five years ago they offered a package for a kitchen, but not for the past two or three years. They still offer a five year laundry package, but they have never offered a PSP that covered ALL those items.

And, depending upon the state you live in, it may or may not be legal for them NOT to at least offer you a renewal individually if the plan originator changed.

Best Buy is not an insurance company, so the rules are not the same.

You may have to settle for whatever they offer you on a renewal if that kitchen appliance plan (refrigerator, range and dishwasher) no longer exists. But they DO still offer the combined washer and dryer plan.


Maybe they told you they don't offer an extended warrEnty. Maybe you should have asked for an extended warrAnty instead.


You are right!! Best Buy should stand behind their products.

I'm done shopping there, every where I turn, all I hear are problems!

So if I buy more than one appliance, get a "package" warrenty, they won't extend it? Thats crazy -


Your the ***!! I bought the top of the line appliances - they were purchased from Best Buy, get it right duhhhh!!

Let me go slow for you - when you buy a product from a store, in this case Best Buy, they are the ones who warrenty the products, not GE Maytag etc. following me so far?? And for the other stupit ***, I wanted to purchase another warrenty extending the 5 years, after paying $1,400 dollars for a washer, I would hope that the retailer would cover the product IF I PURCHASE AN EXTENED WARRENTY.

Are you people dumb or just ***? Get your head out of your *** and read the problem the right way!


And why would you expect a retailer to cover anything beyond 5 years? That doesn't even make sense, things are designed to wear out after 5 years by the people who engineer them. Otherwise you'd never have to buy new stuff.


You bought kitchen applicances manufactured by Best Buy? That's odd.

I thought they were a retail store. I will never buy anything manufactured by Best Buy again. Thanks for your advice! Or maybe you mean you purchased items manufactured by GE?

Maytag? How about... you're an ***!?

It's not Best Buy's fault. It's your fault for buying cr@ppy appilances, cheap ***

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Would not allow me to return an item | Best Buy review from Waterford Township, Michigan

I have been a regular customer of Best Buy for many years have spent all kinds of money in their stores. I just recently purchased a $3,000.00 52" HD tv with all kinds of cords. I just tried to return a three way splitter that was a tad bit over the 30 day return policy (In which I knew nothing about) You would think that just for public relations that they would have returned this item for me but that was not the case. The manager refused to return it and that was that he said store policy is thirty days. I will be taking my business elsewhere where they appreciate customer satisfaction.
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go donate 1 million dollars to your local police station..... and go kill someone after...

maybe, as courtesy they'd let you go free...

oh wait....


go donate 5 million dollars to the police station.... then go kill someone....

I wonder if for courtesy they'd let you go free...

oh wait...



um its policy 9 times outta 10 the person behind the counter cant override, and most managers dont, because thats how they make money- but its a cheap cable- sell it on craigslist and youll get your money back...


Not only is it on the receipt but also up next to Customer Service. You can't be that dumbfounded not to see it.

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Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.Your complaint has been assigned case # 57115121.Correspondence regarding this complaint will be emailed to : nagi4649@hotmail.comPlease print a copy of this for your records. Filed on :...
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Shane Ryack - Look at the receipt and see if there is a sub-line under the model number that states "LP: 1234567890". You're looking for the LP (License Plate) number.

If the plate number is not on the receipt then it was rung up incorrectly. Try to find the "Shelf Display" sticker and return to the store with that. Explain the situation (calmly please, a little kindness goes a long way) and present the receipt and sticker. Ask for the promised price.

If the rep says "no" ask for the computer manager first (sub-managers are easier to pull away), if not available, ask for Store Manager, if not in, ask the the "M.O.D." Rinse and repeat. If no results, call 1-888-BEST BUY and explain. Rinse and repeat.

The original article seems misleading. The employee could very well be correct.

IF the customer did/did not specify the latest model Best Buy CARRIES. Not all Dell models are available through Best Buy. Our latest model could very well be somewhat old depending on when during the year you're shopping. Just before the new models come out, the oldest models (on display) would technically be the newest model available.

Not enough information here. This is hearsay.

The restocking fee is listed on the wall, on the receipt, the rep should have mentioned it and there's supposed to be a yellow sticker taped over the seal that reads "14-day return policy, 15% restocking fee if returned". Best of luck, sorry they made a bad impression.

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$794 blacklisted me. Told me I bought too much from them and I can no longer place an order with best buy or Apparently the store manager was upset that I always bought the sale items on their website and nobody else could get sale items. I only...
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best buy only sale junks & no cover extended warranty,junk junk,martinsburg west virginia,not recomended is piece junk.

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Best Buy Manager