Best Buy Service Plan SCAM!!!!!

I was told that if my camcorder was not able to be fixed that i would get a replacement item of equal or better features OR if for whatever reason i am not happy with the replacement product I can get a store credit for the original purchase price. Now that my camcorder cannot be fixed and is no longer being made and I am not happy with the replacement model....Best Buy is only offering me a credit for the price of the item they want to replace it with...which is about $180 LESS....go figure. The big issue is that when i contacted several other Best Buy stores they all stated that if FOR WHATEVER REASON THE CUSTOMER IS NOT SATISFIED WITH THE REPLACEMENT....the customer can get a store credit for the original purchase price of the broken item. This is a total scam as they are telling the customer 1 thing but when it comes time to use the service plan they say another.
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Alan C

Here's the clause:

"If we determine in our sole discretion that your

product cannot be repaired, we will replace it

with a product of like kind and quality that is

of comparable performance or reimburse you

for replacement of the product with a voucher

or gift card, at our discretion, equal to the fair

market value of the product, as determined by

us, not to exceed the original purchase price of

your product, including taxes."

Problem is, you'll never get the correct answer from a "sales" associate. They do NOT understand the terms either and ARE NOT legally considered experts on this topic.

"Fair market value" = depreciated value.

Lesson learned. EVERY single service plan is not worth the paper it is written on.

Stay clear of BBY and shop at warehouse clubs or Amazon. Peace of mind and no nonsense.


Read your contract, it's all there in black and white. And if all it takes is a phone call to prove otherwise, get in touch with your states Atty General office. :x


you get a comparable model... technology changes, and unfortunately your $200 6 megapixel camera from 2007 is probably worth about $90 today, so you get $90 for a similar product... pretty easy to understand if you ask me


I've never read in my warranty about that, but I have been offered store credit towards a better product or something else. I would say try a different store

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