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We took their surveys and completed all the steps to win an Apple iPhone and once we got to the end it lost all our points and we have to start over
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Well, First I am an adult online student and I had to do my final exam, the following day, Being that my house had lots of people and I needed a place quiet enough to do it,(Because I only had a certain time frame to do it before the teacher cut off the test) my husband went to Best Buy and surprised me with a laptop. I was extremely excited and happy. Until I opened the box and found out that the laptop had a broken key. I said no problem, I would go first thing in the morning and get another one. I got up at 7 am, took my husband to work and went straight to Best Buy. Well, they did not open until 10am. I said no problem my test isn't until 12 pm I have time. I waited in the parking lot until they opened went in and talked to a sales person named Jose`. Jose` seemed very helpful and talked me into buying a different computer, by promising me that it was faster and better, for ONLY 30 dollars more. I was gullable and did it. On the way to the register he asked me if I needed Microsoft Office, becuase I would get a discount on it. I told him no because I had the disk at home and would need to hurry because I had to get the laptop ready for my test. I also asked him to promise me that I was making a "good deal" and 'DO NOT LIE TO ME JOSE". Well he reassured me over and over again. I bought the laptop and went home to get ready to go and take my test. Well once getting home, doing the set up, all seemed fine, UNTIL I got ready to install the disk for Office . NO DISK DRIVE!!!. I was beginning to get more frustrated than mad, I also said that I would call the store talk to Jose and see where the drive was, because I was sure that the I just did not know where the drive was. I called the store directly and "Tammie" answered the phone. I asked for Jose and she transferred me. I waited for 15 minutes, Tammie came back on the line and I told her I was still waiting on Jose, so she put me back on hold and I waited for an additional 15 minutes. Tammie came back on the line and "I said, I'm still waiting on Jose", she said "Mam he is busy with customers" I said okay and waitied another 15 minutes in the mean time packing up the computer to return to the store. Tammie picked up the phone again, "I said I'm still waiting on " SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!! I was pissed. I went back to the store and went to the register and asked to speak to manager. By now I am livid and my test has already started. The manager brought another sales person to help me and I just wanted a laptop to take my test. Well we went back over to where the laptops were and Jose was there looking at me like I was a stranger. The manager called him over and I told him that he lied to me about the laptop. He lied again telling the manager "TO MY FACE" that he told me it did not have a disk drive. I just wanted the other computer but it was no where to be found. Jose had sold "the last one;" I was so pissed that he would lie to me, then sell the computer I wanted and then lie again to my face about the laptop I bought. Then to top it all off, most of the computers they had available were more money and I refused to spend more money. I got my money back and went to STAPLES, where they were very helpful and had great customer service. I will NEVER BUY OR EVEN STEP FOOT IN BEST BY EVER AGAIN.
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you believed a w..e,t back named jose? you should have just assumed he was going to lie to you.

It's odd that the box did not indicate there was no disk drive.

You should have went to walmart open 24 hrs or target opens 8am, since you only had a limited amount of time. It is also hard to believe that the laptop does not have a disk drive, since you fail to mention the brand and model laptop...and btw why is that?


Think thats bad? Try working at Best Buy, It truly sucks. Read my story at


ScrewBlue, WOW that really explains MUCH at screw-blue DOT com. Thank you for writing that.

If only that could be passed-on with the printing on the back of each receipt. LOL. I know retail is most likely set up pretty much the same. But with BB, you can sure see it in their employees.

And now they have "Direct TV" here in the Cleveland area, pouncing on the customers while they are shopping. They have the blue shirts, so until you see the Direct TV logo on them you think you are being approached by a BB sales rep. Due to my past experience, I certainly will NOT EVER shop there or their web site.

If they ever change, then good for them and I may check them out. That is a BIG "If".


Why pickup that issue? Almost ANY retailer would be better than Best Buy then.


The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rates retailers on page 25. Best Buy is at the bottom.

May I suggest that you pickup that magazine and choose another retailer from the top of the list for future purchases. Lots of fancy advertising does not neccessarily make a good retailer.

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Best Buy Service Plan SCAM!!!!!

I was told that if my camcorder was not able to be fixed that i would get a replacement item of equal or better features OR if for whatever reason i am not happy with the replacement product I can get a store credit for the original purchase price. Now that my camcorder cannot be fixed and is no longer being made and I am not happy with the replacement model....Best Buy is only offering me a credit for the price of the item they want to replace it with...which is about $180 LESS....go figure. The big issue is that when i contacted several other Best Buy stores they all stated that if FOR WHATEVER REASON THE CUSTOMER IS NOT SATISFIED WITH THE REPLACEMENT....the customer can get a store credit for the original purchase price of the broken item. This is a total scam as they are telling the customer 1 thing but when it comes time to use the service plan they say another.
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Alan C

Here's the clause:

"If we determine in our sole discretion that your

product cannot be repaired, we will replace it

with a product of like kind and quality that is

of comparable performance or reimburse you

for replacement of the product with a voucher

or gift card, at our discretion, equal to the fair

market value of the product, as determined by

us, not to exceed the original purchase price of

your product, including taxes."

Problem is, you'll never get the correct answer from a "sales" associate. They do NOT understand the terms either and ARE NOT legally considered experts on this topic.

"Fair market value" = depreciated value.

Lesson learned. EVERY single service plan is not worth the paper it is written on.

Stay clear of BBY and shop at warehouse clubs or Amazon. Peace of mind and no nonsense.


Read your contract, it's all there in black and white. And if all it takes is a phone call to prove otherwise, get in touch with your states Atty General office. :x


you get a comparable model... technology changes, and unfortunately your $200 6 megapixel camera from 2007 is probably worth about $90 today, so you get $90 for a similar product... pretty easy to understand if you ask me


I've never read in my warranty about that, but I have been offered store credit towards a better product or something else. I would say try a different store

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