Best Buy falsely accuses/bans customers

I went to Best Buy in Harrisburg, PA a couple months ago and as I was browsing around, I noticed an individual hiding some DVDs under a shelving unit. I waited until a few minutes after the man had left that area and I went to see what he hid there. I noticed it was DVDs and I left them there and didn't tell anyone about it. I went back there last night with a friend and my 6 year old daughter to find out about the new movie Avatar that was coming out today and the security employee was telling me just how good he thought the movie was. After that, I proceeded to continue to browse around the store and noticed the shelving units were empty where I remembered those DVDs were hidden a couple months beforehand. I walked over to the shelves and checked under them and sure enough the DVDs were still there. I looked at the titles and pulled one out of that spot and then noticed it was way over priced. I put it back exactly where I found it at and then wanted to leave since it was close to closing time. I walked around looking for my friend that came with me and found him. While I was looking for him, I noticed 2 employees back by those shelving units where the DVDs were hidden at. After I found my friend, the 3 of us left the store. I went back there today with my wife and bought Avatar on blu-ray. On my way out the door, the new general manager stopped me and asked if I was there last night. I told him I was there last night and he said that last night I hid a bunch of DVDs there and by doing so I was acting inappropriately and he has the right to ban me from the store. I told him that I did no such thing and he offered to show me the video of it. I told him that yes I would like to see the video. He said that he didn't have time yo deal with this and now I wasn't allowed to see the video. He said that if I didn't leave the store at that moment or ever went to that store again, he would have me charged with criminal trespass. I told him that I just found the hiding spot a couple months ago and was trying to see if everything was still there. He asked why I didn't tell anyone about it yesterday and I told him that there were 2 employees there so I didn't think I gad to tell anyone since they already knew about the spot. He told me I was lying and I had to get out of his store. I told him I wanted to return the movie I just bought from there and he said no and I had to leave. So I left. I called 1888BESTBUY and asked to file a complaint about this. They said too bad and that I couldnt do anything about it. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the man on the phone said OK. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I hung up the phone. I called back a couple hours later and asked how I could return the DVD since it was still brand new and sealed and I have the receipt. They said that I couldn't return it and I wasn't allowed back there again. And all this time, I still wasn't able to speak to a supervisor. I told them I'm gonna be filing a complaint with my local Better Business Bureau and with the Attorney General's office and my bank and I hung up the phone. I will never buy anything ever again from there. They are completely ridiculous there. I will be boycotting Best Buy and plan on having this on the news later this year on Black Friday. They treat their customers like *** there and don't deserve to be in business anymore. I can't wait til the day they file for bankruptcy because that entire company is nothing but junk.
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Are you serious with this?! All you had to do was report someone trying to STEAL when you saw it, and it would have been their problem and not yours.

By letting another person get away with the first step in stealing, you were in fact an accessory to the crime. If you saw someone breaking out a car window in a parking lot and digging around in the car, would you wait for them to leave, then go over and see if there was anything in the car you wanted?!


You should have reported it when you first saw it. If I was a best buy employee I wouldn't believe your story, in fact I don't believe your explanation anyway.

rational t

If you see another customer hiding movies why would you have not done the right thing and just reported it to an employee instead of snooping around yourself. Please use common sense in regards to what the employees see and would think when you are the one lifting tiles doing things you are not supposed to do. I fail to see how you are wasting so much energy and time on this.




Well honestly if you are a normal consumer and shopping around you shouldn't care what is under the displays and all. That isnt your job and it looks VERY suspicious from the camera view when every time you go into the store you look at the DVD's JUST to see if they are there. :| if you never messed with it at all or had just reported it when you saw it then you wouldn't have had this problem :|

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Beware Best Buy Return Policy

I went in on 9-16-08 and spent over 500.00 on a washer. lookes at the Wii games while I was waiting. salesperson came out and made a big deal out of the fact that they just got a supply of Wiis still on the truck and they go fast.ok I bought one. 11-17-08 took wii to exchange decided my son is already hyper would get him a game he could play sitting still and buy my daughter an ipod. would not do exchange due to pass 30 day mark. sales manager would not help told to capp 1-888-best=buy. called that number told it is up to store managers discretion, will never shop there again.
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I was a retail store manager for 25 years and got caught in the same trap at Best Buy 7 years ago. I have never, and will never shop there again.

If I tried this *** at one of my stores the roof would have blown off. I hope they go down with the rest of the retailers that *** on their customers.


you're an ***. it's past the 30 return policy.

if you choose to not shop best buy, do it because the customer service sucks and the sales people don't know ***. don't be dumb and say your mistake is reasonable cause to discontinue usage of a service you've gone to before

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