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I brought my Acer Aspire desk top computer to the Best Buy store at 6025 E Broadway, Tucson, Az. 85711 (Store #198) since I only had 1 month left on the extended service contract and after opening it up I found that one of the fans was making the strange noises I'd been hearing for awhile. The head of that store's Geek Squad division, Daniel Antobenebetto, told me that the power unit was "on its way out" and he'd have to send it out for about two weeks to get it fixed. I told him I would bring it back after I backed up a few things.

A few days later I brought it back and in exchange for my computer I received a "Critical Analysis" form with nothing but my name and address on it. Two weeks later I went back to the store which is 40 miles from my house since I live in a rural area outside of Tucson, and was handed my computer and a service order with the words Video Card on it. I asked Daniel A. what happened to the power pack and was told it needed a video card instead. I also noticed for the first time that the woman who checked it in when I brought it back to have shipped to California for repair under "˜Symptoms' wrote "Unit will not turn on". There never was a problem with the computer turning on. She didn't turn it on when she checked it in since I told her what I was told was wrong with it a few days earlier. Big mistake. I had no reason to check it since this was my first experience with the so called famous "Geek Squad" and assumed they knew what they were doing. Second big mistake. The next day I hooked it up and naturally found several items that wanted to update and download all at once since not being used in two weeks. Then came the first error message. Windows downloaded some new driver software for the newly installed Video Card but could not install the software. 1) Some updates were not installed. I attempted two more installations and received two more error messages: 2) Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. 3) Device driver software was not successfully installed. Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed. I called the Geek Squad and was told to bring it back in and they would "straighten it out." Another eighty miles round trip. Upon opening the computer case, Daniel A. spent 45 minutes getting the same error messages I got at home after I showed him screen shots of the error messages I got at home. He then took the computer and their keyboard and mouse through a curtain into a "˜back room'. After waiting quite some time I watched him gather some things as if he were going to lunch. I caught him and asked about the computer and was told "Somebody in the back is working on it". It would have been common courtesy to tell me that a lot earlier instead of just going from one customer to another and ignoring me. My wife and I decided to go to lunch since this looked like it was turning into an ordeal.

Upon returning from lunch, my computer was sitting on the counter with the same useless paperwork that I had originally brought in with me. Daniel A. waved at me from some distance away and shouted "You're all set". I waved him over and told him I wanted to check the color since it was terrible since they put the video card in. The color was just as bad as before the "˜back room' worked on it. Then I was told "There's something wrong with the Windows operating system and that's a software problem. Your extended warranty only covers hardware but for about $168.00 we could probably fix it, but we'd have to send it back to California! I decided to take it home and do some of my own checking. The next day, I hooked it up again and the color was indescribable but now it also didn't have any audio and I couldn't hook up to the Internet! I called the store and asked to speak to Daniel A. and was told "He was with another customer". I told the woman I would hold on the phone till he was free. She put me on hold for a few minutes, came back and told me to "Bring the computer into the store"…AGAIN! I have my limits. The computer was there twice, once for two weeks and now the almighty Geek Squad wants to "˜play "˜ with it some more!!!

I should have known better because if you Google Best Buy Complaints you get an endless amount. But this is where I bought the computer three years ago. Yes, I did research the computer…but not where to buy it. Original big mistake. I don't think customers who put down good money for a product should be treated in this manner. Especially one that advertises their knowledge and expertise in the computer field like the Geek Squad does. I hope this experience helps someone else not to have the same experience. Avoid that store like the plague!

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When I bought my Dell from Best Buy it has viruses on it when I pulled it out of the box for the first time. I had to completely restore the whole thing because best buy would do,nothing about it, even though I returned about 14 hours after I bought it and told them about the problem. I go to ABC Warehouse now and get treated with respect, the way a customer paying good money should be!!!


best buy puts viruses on computers to get repeat business i took a laptop in with nothing on it. just needed wireless drivers installed i get pc back and i get 15 viruses before its even online.

brought it to another store who showed me the virus was connected directly to best buy i brought it to the mangers attention only to get well sometimes we do do that cooperate would not do anything about it.


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