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Saturday November 16th 2013 I called my Local best buy store # 406 to request the product availability of the Xbox one Day one edition.

I spoke on the phone with a person named Jason. He was extremely friendly, and told me that pre orders for the Xbox one day one edition are unavailable online and I would need to come in store to place a pre-order. I thanked him with much excitement and told him I'd be there on Monday to order it.

On Monday, November 18th, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. I went into Best Buy Store # 406 to place my order. I spoke with customer service who said its unavailable. Then I tried to cash in my gift cards to best buy that I received on November 16th, 2013 for my birthday. It was a total of $225. The lady said they cannot return gift cards so I asked to speak to a manager. I spoke with a manager there named Miles, who told me that there are no pre orders available and that he couldn't return the gift cards because of some federal law. I explained to him I spoke with someone named Jason about it and he said if I came in store that I could place a pre-order. He said the only Jason at that store is the General Manager and that he'd be in later that day at 1:00P.M. Miles wrote down my name and cell phone number and said that Jason would call me around 1:10 P.M. I told him I had an appointment at that time and he asked if 2:00pm would work. I replied yes. I left store # 406 to go to the local RX Optical for an eye exam at 11:50 a.m. I came back to tell Miles that my appointment we discussed earlier was actually at 1:50 p.m and asked if he could call me between 1:00pm and 1:30pm. Miles said yes.

At 3:30 p.m. on Monday, November 18th, 2013 I came to Best Buy store # 406 for the third time because I had received no phone call. I asked to speak with the manager named Miles. I explained to him I had received no phone call, and he said " you didn't?, Oh well we just got 40 Xbox one day one editions in but not available for pre-order. So I talked to the manager in charge of the midnight release, Jerry, and will set one aside for you and put your name on it."

I said " Really? So I'm guaranteed and Xbox one day one edition at the midnight release? Can I get that in writing?"

Miles replied " well I won't be working"

I replied " Well than can I get it in writing from Jerry?"

Miles- " Jerry isn't working today, but he is tomorrow"

Me- " Okay great, but can I get that in writing?"

Miles than offered to exchange my gift cards even though he previously said he couldn't due to a federal law. We went over to the customer service desk and he asked a lady there if there was any way to refund the gift cards and she replied no.

At this point I wanted to talk to Jason, the person who I spoke with on the phone in the first place. Miles went and got Jason. When Jason approached me I thanked him for his professionalism on the phone the other night. Jason said "I'm the only Jason at this store and I've never talked to you before".

Me- " Ya right, we just talked on Saturday and you said if I came in store I'd be able to pre-order a xbox one still"

Jason- " No, I didn't"

Me- " Uhm alright, well anyways miles said that you just got 40 Xbox Ones and that Jerry is going to set aside one and put my name on it. Can I get that in writing?"

Jason- " No, Jerry isn't going to do that, or I will personally fire him"

At this point I'm ticked off that I've been lied to so much. That miles was just saying things to get me out of his hair. Making false promises. I asked Jason " Does Miles know that?"

Jason- "Does miles know what?"

Me- "Does miles know that Jerry will lose his job if he does that? HEY MILES, did you know Jerry will lose his job? why'd you lie to me?!"

Miles tried to pretend like he didn't hear me so I said it again much louder and he just shrugged, caught in his lie.

Jason- "Look, it doesn't matter if you're a professional athlete, the governor, or the president of the united states, I can't set aside one because I will still lose my job"

So than you can you cash these gift cards so I can get it somewhere else?

Jason- No, the best I can do for you is tell you to come early and that you have a pretty good chance of getting one. It's like this every year a new console comes out. Tons of resellers are in line to double the profit.

me- So you're not going to help me after being lied to like this? after miles just said Jerry is going to put a Xbox one aside for me when he CANT do that?...-----------------------------

I don't even want to finish this I'm getting so furious just recalling what happened. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

Got his card though, Jason Lapinski.

Best Buy store # 406, located at 2650 E Beltline Ave, Grand Rapids, MI, 49546 has horrible customer service, horrible managers, and I hope all the parties involved lose their jobs for lying to a customer trying to spend $500.00 at their store. Absolutely ridiculous. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. I don't even know how to describe how unfair and how WRONG it all was. I wish SOMETHING could be done, but what can be? All I can do is spread the word and make sure people know how horrible Best Buy Store # 406 managers are and their customer service. To make sure everyone knows how UNVALUED the customer is at that store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

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People preordered one long before you decided or got the money (via gift cards) to afford to - many as early as it was announced.

Sounds like you got your hopes up and made life *** when you didn't get your way.

You would not have been able to get one at GameStop on Nov 16th's wait in line on launch day or nothing at this point.

This your first console launch?


Wow. You are a retard.

No store will allow you to cash in gift cards. None. That is common sense. Also, the second you asked for "it in writing" I would known you were nothing but a difficult customer (the kind that stores don't mind losing" and asked you to leave the store.

You're the kind of customer that makes employees cringe when you walk into a store.

Do everyone a favor and stay home. Your life will go on without a new Xbox, I promise.


There are thousands and thousands of stores all across the world that return gift cards. It is ignorant to say or think " No store will allow you to cash in gift cards. None."

And as for a customer that employees cringe at, yes, they should because I am no fool. After I'd receive a call and not get one, I was more than skeptical when he said that he would put an Xbox one aside for me with my name on it. An average consumer would have walked out the door with a smile on their face believing that they really had an Xbox one reserved with their name on it. Only to show up at the midnight release and ask for their copy with their name on it and look like a fool as the cashier said there is no Xbox one with your name on it. However, I am not the average consumer, nor am I retarded. In fact I caught the manager, Miles, in his lie.

So whom is a retard? A consumer that is knowledgeable enough to get something like that in writing? or a consumer that walks out the door believing it? The answer is neither because your use of the word retard shows your lack of intelligence. Perhaps next time consider your wording more carefully.


best buy is the worst store ever! I bought a computer there, took it back next day they wouldn't return it.

I even had my receipt! THEY TRULY SUCK!!!!!!!!!


"I wish SOMETHING could be done, but what can be?" about....stop shopping there? Seems like the thing I would me crazy


Did you not read what I even typed?

No gift card exchanges, means I HAVE to spend those gift cards at BEST BUY.

I would've gone to Gamestop in a heartbeat if It weren't for those gift cards.

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