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I bought an acer aspire m5 about 20 days ago and the computer repeatedly freezes on me. I tried returning it today and they would not accept my return because it's only a 15 day return policy.

They changed their policy. I will never shop at best buy again because I'm stuck with a $700.00 laptop that doesn't work. They didn't even offer me store credit. I found the same laptop refurbished on groupon for only $450.00.

I will now shop at costco/ groupon/ amazon for my electronics. I will also tell all my friends and family to never shop at Best Buy.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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we spent 800 on a hp laptop at best buy had it only for 2 years and it died to it to bestbuy and they had to send it out turns out motherboard went 400 dollars to fix!! no way best buy gave us no satisfaction or credit we wont buy from them again it was a bad buy!!


The warranty is through the manufacturer with any computer. The retailer allows a return for a short period of time but that is not a warranty.

Often a retailer will offer an extended warranty, but after the 2 weeks you have to call Acer or an extended warranty.

This is how almost all dealers are, get used to it. They don't make the product and they don't warranty it.

If anyone really thinks "The customer is always right" they will quickly be out of business.


Did you speak to acer directly? They certainly had a warranty on it for the first year.

I bought a computer from Office Max a few years back.

After many, many phone calls, eventually HP replaced it after several attempts to fix the problems. They sent me a brand new, more updated computer that I am just getting ready to replace after 3 1/2 years.


I sent my computer to the manufacturer and they fixed it by replacing the mother board.


I got it fixed through manufacturers warranty. The motherboard needed to be replaced.


I am amazed at how many comments here seem to want to blame the victim. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

Businesses that value their customers will try to help them out. Businesses that are so big that they don't have to value their customers are going to give them the bums rush.

Maybe try to go to a small local business with personalized service.

Maybe a better way can be found: maybe a way to rent or lease a laptop under a policy that it can be replaced with another whenever it causes you problems. Not everybody can be a malware expert, but most everybody needs a laptop or equivalent these days.


Bodryn, Victims? Really?

The customer is usually right, not always. Anyone who has worked in customer service for any relevant amount of time can testify to that. The problem is that these days, the "customer" takes no responsibility. The people that complain the loudest are almost 100% in the wrong.

The "victims" want to be compensated, bend the rules, policies don't apply to me types. When you buy a house, you get home owners insurance. When you buy a car, you get car insurance but you buy an expensive item, you scoff at the thought of protecting it.

Still, somehow they/you are the "victims"? Wow!


um.. you have a manufacturer's warranty through Acer, call them.

I suppose you never plan on buying a computer again because most retail stores do computer returns for 2 weeks, give or take. I'm sure you turned down the protection plan because "the laptop should be fine"


Apple stores are much more flexible. I know they have an expensive product however, you are getting what you pay for.


You bought an acer and expected a good computer?... Your logic must have been let me buy the cheapest walmart brand pc I can find and expect it to be the quickest most wonderful pc I've ever owned.

Since you probably tried to return the laptop to the store 20 days later with the same receipt that clearly says the return period is 15 days, I assume you were dumb enough not to get the gs protection plan on you $700 purchase.

; laugh right there that you paid $700 for an acer... but yep I must be bby's fault


I agree with the commenters here. They have a brain.


Take it to the Geek Squad department and see if they can repair it in store. If not they can send it out to be repaired under Manufactures warranty.

It could also be just a conflict with your anti-virus and windows 8. Best Buy shouldn't be to blame for Windows 8 sucking!


Thanks. I'll try the manufacturer return route. Geek squad wanted $199 for a year of repair services before they looked at my acer.


You may just have a simple problem with the laptop that can be easily fixed. Do you have a anti-virus program or internet security program? I make a few purchases of electronics from Best Buy over the years and have been happy with their performance, though I am not always happy with their customer service which is why I shop around other stores before doing business with Best Buy.


I'm sure a competent individual like yourself looked at the return policy before purchasing a laptop, didn't you? There is a huge sign by customer service and on the back of your receipt stating the return policy. You have no one to blame but yourself for not knowing it.


Guess what, Simon? Some states have laws that clearly state that a store's return policy DOES NOT APPLY to defective merchandise, including computers.


You know what's funny, the majority of people who say they will never shop at Best Buy will always come back. You know what's sad, most of the returns done on a weekly basis is because of buyers remorse or the customer did something to the product.

You don't even realize how many people have their laptops for a week and score viruses, and it's Best Buy's fault. Majority of the time if the computer is slow, you picked something up. And that's BS that you have to pay $199, IF it's a manufacturer defect, its covered by that..THE MANUFACTURER!! Get your facts straight.

If he was told to pay $199, homeboy should prob be a little more cautious surfing the internet.

Best Buy makes exceptions every day, follow the guidelines, buy the protection plans if they're offered, and read up before you make large purchases.

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